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Charis Today, said the funniest, but most insightful thing. You know that age, where they start to say the most mature things, and you kind of have to re-ask, 'Wait, What?' I was saying something today, I can't remember what it was, but I know it was of a complaining nature, and I even said it under my breath, kind of. I heard her, in my right ear say,
"I don't know, Mom, you need to take that one to God, because I can't help you."
He who has ears to hear, let him hear!
My little worshipper! You crack me up, but also humble me, sweet Girl!img_6772
And then, this morning, Charis reminded me that she wanted some 'Charis & Mommy Time' and that we would have a little moment today. The whole day ran by and we planned to create a little time, but not until we were on our way to Koinonia tonight, did I realize it might not happen.

Who needs a high chair anyway?

Let me take you back a bit. I remember at the Missions Conference in early January this year, a speaker encouraged us in something. "Be sure to take your children into the battle", he said. "Make sure that you don't take them out of the front lines, when it comes to praying and warring for the kingdom!" Age appropriate of course.
So I decided to take her in to the intercession we had, right before the Koininia started. She heard everybody fighting for revival in there. It was nice to just hold my little daughter, who seems to hear and see everything with her wide eyes, and let her pray with us. I held her for a little while, right in my lap, knowing that it won't always be this way. I know that one day, she will know, that when she has praise to give, or problems to offer up, she will run to Our God. The living God who hears us, and acts. She will know that Mom and Dad sought God and knew where to find the Peace that passes all understanding. With tears in my eyes, I tell ya, that just makes my day.

Hope put on her pajamas all by herself (check out the tag) yeah Hopee


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