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Our Valentine's Breakfast <3
Our Valentine's Day Breakfast
Our Kids are getting more acclimated to their surroundings with kids their age, and not being shy with every adult that says,”Hi!”. But, when it comes to taking naps, and going to sleep, they fight it for many hours. This has become frustrating, but we know that we have to keep going forward. We love our kids so much, and we need to find some creative things to do while it is cold outside.There is supposed to be a couple of inches of snow this coming week. I still appreciate the weather!

This is how I knew Charis 'did it', when Buddy was crying.
This is how I knew Charis 'did it', when Buddy was crying!

The other night, as we were moving into the 2nd hour of putting the girlies sleep,(since Justice hasn’t been a problem!) I had warned them about the spanking that they would receive, if I had to come in ‘o n e m o r e t i m e’. It came. I climbed up the bunk bed ladder and tried to grab Charis, to get to her bottom, and as she fought like a Wild Horse, she bumped her head on the bed rail. That was enough consequence for me, because I knew that she was hurt.
I held her for a while as she cried. It was right above her eye, so it began to rise up, just like in a cartoon where the bump grows bigger. I would describe it as being the shape of a candy corn.I was tearing up too, because I can’t even stand someone else getting hurt, let alone my own child. I brought her to Caleb and he acted fast. ( If Caleb is there, I reserve the right to ‘freak out’, but I know that I have had to move into action, when he is not). So I held Charis with an ice pack, and out comes Hope, not wanting to miss any of the action. We allowed her to stay with us, as we held Charis. It was nearing 11pm.
So Things were dying down, and Hope is standing there, in between the Coffee Table, and the couch. She soon steps on a piece of paper and slips and slides all the way down to hit the back of her head to the floor. She begins to cry, and I knew that it was a real cry. You know, Moms and Dads, the cry you can distinguish between little pain, and real pain. Caleb’s holding her and tells me she’s ok, only to feel blood trickling down her hair, on his hands. He takes her into the kitchen, and my reservation for ‘Freaking Out’ began to take action. What would you do, if she’s crying, blood running down her neck and we couldn’t figure out where it came from?
Caleb moved quickly out the door, as we waited. A lot of people around the base were contacted, awakened maybe, yet he soon returned with our own nurse, to get their passports, money, and quickly drove them to a hospital 30 minutes away in a city called Sekszard.
He said that there were no lights on, and no one was there. Some people like to describe it as an Eastern European Hospital, in which not much has changed since the Communist's Rule. He was grateful for it, of course! The Nurse, Agi, had to get on the computer and fill out all of the information, as the Doctor arrived.
They layed her on the bed, face forward, as Caleb met her underneath to see her sweet little face. The doctor found the small wound, and gave her an injection of Novicane. He began to sew her back up, and they were all shocked at how amazing little Hopie was. She did not flinch, or cry. Nothing. God's sweet covering was upon her!
She ended up with one stitch on the back of her head. She had split it open, yet it was unexplainable. Where she fell, there was nothing sticking out, or jammed.It was just the perfect fall.
We sense something is on the attack so we were encouraged to pray over the house. We usually do this kind of thing for new houses or long car rides, but just knowing we were here on base, we just over looked it.
Charis and I began to pray in each room. I began with a prayer of protection, and encouraged Charis to do the next room. Friends, be encouraged that God can move Mightily in a child who is 4 1/2(we musn’t forget the 1/2). My eyes fill up just thinking of the prayers that were over flowing out of Charis’ mouth. She said things like,”Lord, we know that you are big, and nothing can stop what you can do. We ask that, by your blood, the blood of the Cross, that you would pour your protection over this room. And that if anything evil is trying to come in, that you would not let it. We ask and believe that you will do this. We love you and we thank you.” I recorded this in my heart, for I know I wished I could have video taped it. I knew that it was a moment I would never forget. My daughter was using ‘fightin’ words’ with the enemy, and speaking by the Spirit!

Kids on Campus
Kids on Campus


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