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Charis made the Hungarian Flag today at School
Charis made the Hungarian Flag today at School

Charis has begun school and is in full swing. The 'Ove-nee-nee' is what we call the teacher. And she has said that Charis is very bright! She is amazed by her because the other day, Charis recited the numbers 1-10 in Hungarian. Wow! I am pretty happy about this. I will pack this away in my heart. Charis is the same girl she was when we left America, so she just keeps on trekking on!  She has a friend named Cait here, who is an intern, and she always yells out, "CAIT!" when she sees her. It's so cute because Cait is just as enthusiastic about seeing her. Cait is American, and she really loves Hungary, so she is teaching her a few things too! There is another girl who is teaching gymnastics on Fridays, so Charis is doing what she loves.
Hopie is beginning to take baby steps towards being potty trained 'again' so that makes things a little more easy! A couple of girls have really taken her under their wing. One is a girl named Rachel, and she has really come to me for times of talking and discipleship. She loves Hopie, so they have a good time together!
A Conversation I had with Hopie
 Last night, I heard Hope say "Boot" instead of "Foot"  because she can't pronounce her F's quite yet.
and I said,
'Hope, can you say, Foot?"
"No, Hope, Foot. FFFFFoot"
She said ,"Boot"
 I say,"FFFFFFoot, Put your top teeth to your bottom lip, F...F...F...F..Foot"
She says, "Foot!"
I cheered for her and she kept saying it, "Foot!" "Giraffe" "Feet!"
All of the sudden, it was as if she were 3. She's barely 2. That letter alone sends them from 'baby talk' to older talk.
My baby is growing up.
Justice will be turning ONE in a week so we will have to put something together for his Birthday. We will probably do it in the coffee shop and make a cake! He has begun to shake his head, as if he is communicating something to us, but he doesn't understand what. It's so cute, because he wants to talk. He replies gibberish words many times a day. One thing that I have noticed, is that he is definitely mimicking, or repeating things. He begun this at such an early age! I am not the mom who sees my kids for MORE amazing than they are, but I do believe they are amazing little creations, with God's big plans, and in that rite, Justice is really catching on quickly. He has a hungarian friend named Meeshee, and he just loves him so much. Justice doesn't mind being with him. 

Buddy in the Coffee Shop
Buddy in the Coffee Shop
Buddy with some of the boys @ a Bday Party
Buddy with some of the boys @ a Bday Party


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