Buddy doing his Quiet Time

Today was a day of happenings for my children. In what I would like to share in a Baby Book, somewhere, I will share here, so it is written somewhere.
In the last couple of days, I have heard Justice, sounding out words. I know that you think I jest, because yes, he is only 11 months, but can it be possible? Justice, today, said 'Charis'. I heard it. And no one else did. So the day went on and we all heard it again. He said, Charis, and even in the same tone that Hope says it. So I am thinking that he is mimicking her. But the crazy thing is that he said it so clear. The "Char" and the "IS". March 1st it was.
The girls were eating breakfast this morning and we did our morning prayers. Hope is in the stage where she is repeating after us, so it's the cutest thing. We'll say, "Thank you for this beautiful day". ANd she will repeat it all.But it seems that, for a while now, after every time We say, "in Jesus' name", instead of the repeating, she says "Amen". It's like a natural trigger to say it. She never repeats the actual words, "in Jesus' Name".
So I decided to go over that with her today.
I said, 'Hopee, in Jesus' name', She says, "Amen".
No Hopee, can you say, In Jesus' Name? Say In... Jesus'... Name.
She said, "Amen"
So I put my hand out and open my palm to gesture the firmness that I meant. I did it twice.
"Hope, In Jesus'......................Name."
She said, "A.............................men, mama" with her hand gesturing the exact firmness, if not more.
I guess I can't fight that one.

Esztergom, looking out to Slovakia
Esztergom, looking out to Slovakia

Charis and I went to Ezstergom last weekend and had an amazing time getting involved with the youth, making dinners, and Street Evangelism. We crossed the border into Slovakia, to get some teenage kids who wanted to be a part of the youth group. There is a family there, who are from Pennsylvania, who have given up all to go be a part of the bridge of the youth, and Calvary Chapel Ezstergom. (Which Hope likes to call Estergomie, so it automatically comes to mind when I type it!) They are an amazing family who took our team in. I challenged Charis to serve from her heart, and be willing to help. She helped clean their house with their son, and helped bake some cookies for the Youth Group.

So as I close tonight, Caleb and I are both on our laptops, Caleb is studying, and I, well, here I am. Charis just began to cry in her bed. We heard her say, 'I love you Mama, I love you Dada'. ANd as it began to continue, we had her come out, and she was really crying. She said that she knows that we are going to die one day, and she loves us.
I remember that 'exact' cry when I was young, probably the same age, and the fear that the enemy specifically placed in me, all of my life for my parents. I look back and remember the night, I awoke, and cried out for my parents. I believe God showed me, and called to remembrance the night I awoke in fear. I cried so hard, and I remember my parents coming in to comfort me.I know that as I grew, this fear that began that night,  it was unhealthy, because my heart shrouded in fear, cannot keep my parents any more days. God knows their days. I had been wondering if this fear would manifest in my children and tonight was the night.
I think that Charis is actually coming to the age of understanding, and it's clearly the edge of understanding death, and partially 'getting it'. She is smart enough to understand greater things I sense these days, so today is a day, in my heart, to be remembered. I could tell that it all really sank in with her tonight, because each time we said, 'if we go to heaven', or 'God knows how many days we have', she began to well up, and bite her lip to hold in the tears.
It was a real teachable moment of prayer, and understanding. We claimed God's power over her life, and asked God to bind that enemy, and break off this fear. God is so sweet and amazing!

Charis feeding the Wild Horse
Charis feeding the Untamed Horse


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