Easter Time

Charis turned 5!
Charis just shared her 5th Birthday on the 10th of April, with a bunch of girls here around her age. It was a Princess Slumber Party and so much fun. She really delighted in it! We love her so much! She has embraced being the biggest sister, as she is always taking her sister along with out any grumbling. She really looks out for her! She's growing in reading and praying so much...

Hopee is growing in grammar every day. She's going through that 'little adult' stage that they all seem to begin eventually. She's a sweetheart, and most people tend to tell us that 'she's always doing her own thing-so independent'.
She'll often be found curiously looking at bugs in her hands, and her shoes on the opposite feet! She often lets out a big laugh that can be heard from far. She's a little pray-er too!
Expect anything less?
Justice has really grown up lately. He has what we call a great big 'Muppet Smile' and personality to match. He's so cute because he'll say things that people say. It's neat that he calls for Charis, "Ya-ya", the same way Hope did. He will mimmick so many words, and often even mimmick actions. He will be sitting there with a pen and paper, smiling away! He's Daddy's little boy these days, and I am ok with that, because he still needs me.
Only if I were taller
Charis' Party Fun


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