Not so small anymore...

The Girls 5 & 2 1/2
The Girls 5 & 2 1/2

Charis has been doing amazing at Oveda,Preschool. She has another little friend from the Bible College here, a Pastor's son, Jake Bear, who goes there too. The teacher just shared that everything that Jake is learning in Hungarian, is actually because Charis is connecting the dots, and teaching him! She has come home with a new word every day! It's really amazing how little minds can work.
 I am so greatful to the preschool because they are honestly giving their hearts to the kids. We have been requesting our bill, and just received the receipt for the month of March. It amounted to 12 american dollars. We are humbled ... I couldn't believe that all of the care and hugs they give to our children amounts to this.  Oveda, Preschool, here takes them for 6 1/2 hours, feeds them 2 snacks, lunch, and a nap. Somebody told me that these ladies are just happy to be doing something. Wow! The contentment and fulfillment they feel, with the job  God has called them to do!
Hopie is growing up more and more. Small talk is not so small anymore. She's a 'big girl' now. Please pray for us in this area. She's the sweetest little girl, yet she is officially throwing in the 'terrible two's' action. What I exactly mean by that is that she refuses to listen, and I am having a hard time keeping the reigns on this one. Mama always said, "You're going to get one just like you!" All of the energy is gearing up for a radical girl for God. It's just gotta be steered, and I need prayer. I have noticed, though, that she is very outgoing, as Charis is. But she calls out people by name. She sees them and remembers them by name! "Hi, Bogdon."... What's with the little social flutter-by?
Buddy, Justice, is really smart. He is catching on to things, honestly, very quick. He's 13 months and has put things together very accurately. I took him out of his crib the other morning, and put him in the middle of the living room. I began to walk back towards his room to close the door, not to wake the others, and he shuffled out before me, not letting me catch him, and ran back into his room to get his pacifier. He went right for it. How did he catch, or remember, that that is exactly where it was? Don't babies have that, out of sight, out of mind, thing going on? He gibber gabber's all day long. He tells us like it is, and even yells at us, if we are out of line. It's so cute and so much personality! Both Hope, and Justice, laugh at things. He sees the humor in things, and it just cracks us up!



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