It 'May' have been 30 days

The Girls are doing great. Today was the first day that Charis had to officially go to school by herself since Jake Bear has gone home to the states for '40 days', Charis told me. She has always had an english speaking friend with her, Jake, and I had not realized that it helped her emotionally. She shared that she cried in the beginning of the day, but that she would continue....She told me of a new phrase that she learned today, so there is a benefit already!
 Hope is honestly so independent. She is just a little funny girl. She has such a personality, but all the same, a lot like Charis in Compassion and Love.
Buddiferous, as we like to call Justice, is totally laughing and CLIMBING ONTO EVERYTHING! BOYS!!!!!! So Different, yet in many ways the same, for now. It keeps increasingly going new directions.
We love these kids so much and are enjoying these little 'people' every day. God has truly designed them so intricately personal. Love that about Him.


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