Spend, Invest, and Tigers

And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved. 2 Corinthians 12:15
A new kind of Birthday Card

As I sit here folding clothes, I watch Little Einsteins with Hope. Charis is at Oveda, Justice  is climbing on tables, while Caleb teaches about the Holy Spirit up at the Castle. We begin the cartoon episode about giving gifts. Santa is mentioned. I say, " It's not about Santa right, Hope? It's about Jesus!" She stops, looks at me and says, " Jesus lives in my heart, right Mama?" And as I feel warmly and  answer yes, she says, "Not Monkeys."
I say, "What?" She says," Not monkeys and bats," as she goes back to her cartoon.Tell me where she got that one from? There's been lots of stories lately where Hopie just kills me with 'heart laughter'.
The other day,a Saturday, Caleb was going to be tied up all day, so I decided to take all of the kids to Sekes Feheravar, the closest bigger city. It actually means City of the White Fortress. It's about 45 minutes away, and I was ready. I was going over rules with them on the way, as we listened to an old album, The Collection, by Amy Grant. I  began explaining to them about how they  will need to stay next to me, since Buddy would be in the stroller, and they would both need to hold on to either side of the stroller at all times. When I called, they would need to come. I went on to tell them about Stranger Safety, and  how there are some bad people out there who would like to keep them, but if they stayed with mommy, they would be safe. Charis says,
" Yeah, or a Car could come out of nowhere and hit us; it could be very dangerous!"
Hopie ponders this quietly for a while in the back seat, and says, " Or a TIGER could come out and get us!"


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