Charis has many friends around her age, and loves to play imaginary stories. She can now do flips into the pool, hold her breath, dive under water, and do cartwheels on land! She loves gymnastics like I did! She reads well and colors, and watches non-cartoon movies with us now. She has this understanding that is exemplary. She lives off of God's love, talks to Him and knows when she needs to include her siblings and friends if they may be feeling left out. She shines!

Hope is really our independent girl.She'll be turning three, October 11th. My parents say that she is a lot like me when I was young. She really has that sense of 'what is funny', and you find her laughing at things we would laugh at! She loves animals, and always stops to talk to them, pet them,and watch them on dvd! She loves to ride tricycles. She really has it down now, wheeling by every moment she can. She came to me just the other day and said, “Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again.” Woohoo!

Justice is nearly 18 months now and he's just this little boy who loves to run from couch to couch or wall to wall and make loud noises until he gets there. He has this little belly that leads him and cute cheeks matched with this big smile! He can eat with a fork and spoon, and loves to follow his sisters around, and climb up on every table he can find! Lord help us!


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