First One xoxo

Charis is reading with Fluidity. She can go continuously with memorized words, regular words, and sounding out words. She will read on and maybe ‘sound it out’ every 8th word, depending on the level of the book. She is reading stage 3 books, like Balto, and Put me in the zoo. Put me in the Zoo, and other books of the like, are read completely by herself. I often find her with the books, curled up on the couch. Stage 3 books, like Balto, the Bravest Dog, are read very well, with a tiny bit of help from Mom.
There are a couple of cool things about this new chapter of our lives. For one: I love that I can ask her what she just read, and she has 98-100% comprehension. She has always had an extraordinary memory, what I like to call a ‘Sticky Brain’ because everything sticks so easily. I was not so blessed, I feel, in Comprehensive Reading Tests. I really think and dwell, and take too much time to imagine what is happening, that I fail to keep up with an ordinary level of understanding in a bordered amount of time.
The second thing is that she is really taking off with her Reading as her own. Not only with reading, but learning for every subject. I have heard her on more than one occasion say, “I think I am going to be good at math!” She enjoys adding, and taking away, because she is excelling in it. She has gone forward even, with doing the same Math work, but receiving and returning questions and answers in Hungarian. She is counting easily to 30 and beyond, in this language, for the numbers are repetitive, so we continue to work on our Hungarian!
Hopie has a knack for people. She continues to have no fear, and remembers many names very well. Her actual annunciation is clear, with barely a bit of rough edges. Her vocabulary continues to grow and she’s having more of a mature conversation. She is very aware of feelings with people, especially her little brother, and big sister.
Justice is hitting his ‘terrible two’s’ right now. He’s not a bad boy, but a very curious boy, and all of this results in most things broken, and drawn on. Whether on his face or on the t.v., or wall, he meets it.
Love, Kim
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