God kind of Brunch

'Buddy', Hopie,& Care-Bear

As I glance at the car clock, I see that it is 13 past 10 in the morning. We pull up to the backside of the castle, and we spot Iste,(EE-shtee) all bundled up, sitting in a chair, in a large coat, a hat and the such. The weather is 3 degrees Celsius, yet the sun has a funny way of making its way out, bright and warm. It still isn't enough to escape the cascading chill in the air, but comfortingly emanating, nonetheless.
The slightly awkward encounter of him sends out a greeting of, “Are you going to Brunch?' as I open the car doors. With a smile, he replies, “I'm going later.” I figure he is doing his quiet time, as all the kids jump out of the car and Hopie listens intently. “You having your God time?” I say, trying to suppress the cultural differences. He says Yes quite contently. I agreed with a nod and walked on.
As we enter the Castle Doors, I begin to think forward and look to the mail slot marked BELLER, as Hopie's voice begins and becomes distant. Suddenly I hear the question she had been asking persistently, yet patiently as we walked down the castle corridors. “Is he not coming to Brunch, Mama? Is he not coming to this Brunch?” I answer, “He's coming. Just a little later.” She pauses and thinks aloud, “Is he going to a God Brunch?” She had assumed that because he was going, just later, and because he was hanging out with God now, that he must be going to The God Brunch!

Charis is doing really well here. She is a fluid reader with great story reading skills. She reads so well with the right fluctuation, at the right time, as she reads these stories like a drama playing itself out. She is an outstanding student who is soon to turn 6 in early April. She is excited about playing bikes outside, doing cartwheels, losing teeth in the future, and doing any kind of Homework! Learning is a Joy!
Hope is just such a vivid talker. She picks up on things that I wouldn't think to pick up on. She has 'very' and 'beautiful' in her vocabulary. She loves to use adjectives in conversations, and picking up neighborhood dogs. She laughs outloud at humorous times! Her timing is impeccable. She goes to Oveda 3 times a week and often comes home singing Hungarian Songs!
Justice is growing every day in vocabulary, along with doing somersaults and singing in front of large crowds. He understands Hungarian completely, for there are 2 very avid Hungarian-speaking people here who don't relent in speaking strictly Hungarian to him. He says 'No' and addresses “hi,”and “bye” to all who pass. He turns 2 in just 2 weeks!
It is an amazing moment in life, to be free of wondering about adding onto our family, but just building into it now!


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