Not a Diaper...

You know, I had never even changed a diaper until my first child was born. I had babysat once or twice, but literally, once or twice.In my young heart,Adventure came first, and then Good Judgement! As God called me into His own, I learned to jump onto his train ride.
My heart was anxious, bringing into this world a child, my children, that I had always dreamed of, for I still felt like a child myself;even today, this much is true. But how long can I say this? 
When God believed in me~ to entrust his Special Treasures, I knew that I needed to stand in it, to grow in his love and guidance & wisdom, moment by moment. I often ask myself, "Is this how other moms are doing it?" 
This is the story of the lives he gave to me. Away from all that we grew up with,all that we call familiar:we live in another country, one breath at a time. We have been called to homeschool and raise these children in the ways of the Lord. Every parent knows, there is no perfection in these years, but what comes easy, is the sacrificial love built deeply within. Our hearts are knitted into theirs. 
With not one diaper-change before, I am a project purely made of God's Grace. Here's to training~ and one day watching them fly... Come watch with me;Come share with me, as we see God's Hands hold up my own...
Love, Kim (mom of 3)
TrAin up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Lord, Help me to recognize that to wake up each morning and start my day with you, makes me a better mom; it gives me peace and patience and that's what I desire as one of my utmost priorities. To be a mom who multiplies your love  to 3 little lives. Lord, work in me.


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