Little Boys and Bike rides

This morning, Caleb was inside the room, and I am downstairs. I hear a small knock, and realize that Buddy is knocking on Daddy's door. Caleb says, "Who is it?" and I hear the reply, "JUTH-TICE". 
That was the first time I have ever heard Buddy refer to himself by his own name. Precious Moment. 
 Justice is now 2 years, 2 months.He is slowly and steadily coming into the two year old stage. I would say, compared to what I remember vaguely about Charis, and partly Hopie, he is a little later in the stage. But Boys are different. My interpretation of a 2 year old boy, is that he's a lot more rambunctious and 'heavy-handed'. He's more aggressive in hitting and running and slamming! He holds the cutest smile this mom could ever love in a little boy and definitely curls up into mommy's arms a lot more dependently than the girls did.
All in all, He is smart. He gets things and follows after his sisters' every step. It's been nice because there is a little 4 year-old boy named Jake Bear Lange, that lives next door, and you often will hear Buddy outside yelling, "BEAR!" On some good days, they will wrestle like brothers.
He's starting to say, 'No' a lot more and defying us, yet, it honestly doesn't last long. He knows what he is doing wrong, and will soon come. But I often feel God nudging me with the word, "PATIENCE". Because I'm going to have to get it one way or another. The longer I resist, the longer It's going to take. These Kids are my ultimate Patience Teachers!
Buddy surprises me sometimes when I hear him say things in Hungarian. Instead of 'oops', I hear him say, "op-a". That's very Hungarian. We will take Bike ride's through the village, and Buddy plants himself in my Bike Basket behind me, and suddenly as we pass by an older lady, I will hear, "Szia", which means 'Hello'. Hilarious.
Another cute moment is when we all say our prayers before eating, Buddy will say at the end, 'MEN! like all of us!
My favorite part of the day is when we wrap him up in a towel after a bath, and he lets me hold him like a tiny baby, and as we put him to sleep, he gladly goes into his room, says his prayers, and tucks his hands behind his head. Relaxed and Comfy. The cutest!
Love, Kim


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