On we go...

Not Alone
♪ In the darkness, where you can't see a thing....and then you see a bright light in the sky.
It is me my darling, I will never leave you, Stay by my side, and I will tell you some stories of what happened to me one time, a long time ago. And it will be wonderful to know you. We can sing together. 
♪ Oh Jesus, You are greater than anything. You're bigger, You're better, and nothing can destroy you. You are the Son of God. 
Isn't it all worth it? Charis has begun to put this song together in the last few months, and as days go by, she has written it over and over, then memorized it, and even best, has no fear to perform it with a smile! My heart is overflowing thinking upon the faith of a child. She truly wants to tell people of what God can do. My children bless me so much. Amongst her beginning of the year love of riding a bike, She is working on a new song called, I want to live for you. Stay tuned.
Hopie's heart-theme seems to be, “God is with us”. We will be walking into a dark area, where all of the kids will express their fears, and Hopie will say in Faith, “We don't need to worry, God is with us!” She shows me the strength of her name.
Justice, amongst many new things, has continued to grow in speech and love. He loves to wrestle and snuggle and be so silly! His smile is infectious. He often ends our prayers with a “ 'MEN !"


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