She just wrote her name...

Hopie is the girl who continues to curl up to you and say, 'Mommy, I love YOU!' She is easily affected by loud voices emotionally. She has been since she was born.  She is very loving and cute! She likes to put on her clothes in the morning, or get her hair done and say, "Daddy, look at how pretty I am'. I fear that she is falling into that Middle Child Syndrome. There is already an older girl, and then Baby Boy, but where does Hopie fall into this? I have seen this, and try to take a little extra time for sharing Love. She is unique and silly, but she is the kind of funny where she doesn't know it about herself. 
She's really coming into 'being a leader' lately. She knows that she's getting older, and when Charis is away for a couple of hours, she becomes the leader. She needs to be the example because she has little 'Buddy' eyes watching her moves.
She is continuing to go to the local Preschool, "Oveda" and she comes back with new words. I think the newest thing is that she comprehends what they are saying.
I don't know what it is, but every time she goes away for 1/2 the day, My heart hurts without her. I think it's the ever-knitted heart of living life as a Mom. But I get through thinking of how the language is going to benefit her. 
Hopie loves cartoons, and sharing the ones I had as a child with "Heathcliff", "Garfield", "Tom and Jerry",and the 80's "Alvin and the Chipmunks" is a great reminder of my own childhood.
She is starting to sit down, only in the last couple of days, and connecting colors from Directions to coloring. She wants to do Homework like her Big Sister.  She recently copied her name from my direction!
She is at that age, where she's older than the youngest kids, but still too young for the older ones. Charis gives her hugs as she leaves to do her tasks, and with tears in her eyes, she runs to me. I'll take it gladly. I'll take the time to Hold my Baby as she grows.
Love, Kim


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