The Santa Question in July

It was a silent moment yesterday, where my children went up to get dressed as I was downstairs at the Kitchen sink. Quiet pitter patters come up behind me as I hear so softly, "Mama, is Santa real?"
I knew that Hopie truly was inquiring, for we had been singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer lately, just for kicks. My mind scans back to when Hopie was coloring recently, and in the midst of the Colorful Scribbles, she points to Rudolph himself. It was obvious, of course! The red blotch in the middle of the arrangement of colors!
And so this question that I would never have balanced the weight of, before I had children, was now entering Hopie's thoughts. There was value behind the heart of it, because I know that for all of time, she would know what other kids did not know. I knew that at 3, she was given the Answer. THere was no doubt in my mind, that Caleb and I personally would raise our children to know the Truth and Power of Christmas! 
I bent down and shared with her so gently, " Santa, with all of his abilities to ride in a sleigh ride, and hand out toys,Was not Real. He was a good man,St. Nicholas, at one time, who gave presents to kids who didn't have much. THis was an outpouring of God's Heart for Children. But Ultimately, God is who 'Santa' gave and Gives all credit to. He honors God by worshiping the true Giver of Life. Period. She pranced off with, 'Ok'!
Easy Enough.


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