Termites, Training and no turning back

My Kids are Growing ...
I read just recently, while surfing the internet, about the developmental stages each of my children are in, and found a quite heart-dropping reality. 
'Your child may enjoy being with you and at home more at age 5 than she did at age 4. By age 8, your child will probably be more focused on his peers.'
Yes, I know that this is not an absolute, but just to hear that my most influential time is screeching to a halt, boggles this Mama's heart!
Now, I certainly think twice about the times Charis says, "Mom, I want you to come with me." I guess the welling up comes from the words that I have heard since she was born, "You'll miss the time you had with her, Believe me, they grow up so fast!"
I am one who does not like to live in Regret. Especially if I am aware of it, truly, in my heart of hearts. I am arriving there, thinking, 'I have a 6 year old? Where did the time go?"
I was in the kitchen yesterday and through the sliding glass door, I hear 2 children pull up to park their little bikes. It was Charis and our neighbor friend, Jake, who is 5. I hear Charis say, "WOW, look at how much the 'e-TEM-e-teez' have eaten?" 
And as she walked in, I hear her use that word again.'e-TEM-e-teez' Not knowing what she meant, I asked her, "What word are you using?" and as she started to explain, "I read about it in my book!" I realized she was talking about Termites, and she had been reading it in this Bug Book of Science earlier that day! How sweet the knowledge of child who wants so much to learn about the world! How will they know unless we take time to explain it to them! My Precious Babies.
Stealing away some little moments together,we have been able to read this book, Little Pilgrim's Progress. What a wonderful description for a child to see How God works in his People, as well as how the enemy wants to work too. Just amazing... She surprises me on how she can understand the spiritual application...!
Charis scored really high marks on her SAT's. SHe has a reading level of being in the middle of 3rd grade! Praise God for my little Cute Bookworm! And she also scored a mastery level on Biblical Application! All Praise to our God!
I was listening recently to Cheryl Brodersen talking about how her mom would inspire her with joy and Love for the Word of God as a young child. She shared of how a Mom's encouragement with the little 'over joys' of learning a verse or drawing a picture is something a child savors. 
She would receive a quarter for learning a Memory Verse, and a nickel for losing a tooth! How much more the joy of breathing God's Scripture! I aim to do this!

Recently Hopie has really been gaining a little personality of her own. She's the sweet one who is truly lovable. She comes up and kisses your face or curls up into your lap just to be with you. She has always been one to feel deeply if you raise your voice to her. It truly effects her little heart. She has been going through this cat stage lately where she licks the air like a cat.
I noticed something also the other day, where the dvd needed to be turned on, and Charis stood there and was getting emotionally involved, "It won't Work!" 
Hopie went straight to the source and said, "Mommy, can you please turn it on?" She has picked up on how to attain what she wants by politely asking, but asking directly, nonetheless! This is Hopie. She always uses Pleases and Thank You's and a lot of the time, "Sivesen's and 'Csocolom's" which are 'Your Welcome's' and "Kiss Your hand' -to older ladies!
Her and Charis have been faithfully singing the song, "I have decided", but Hopie loves to take it up a notch with, "I have decided to follow Jesus, No turning Byaaack, No turning Byaaack!" 
"The Cross is before me, the sky is behind me, The Cross is before me, the sky is behind me,  No turning Byaaack, No turning Byaaack!"  
...then she corrects herself, 'The World is behind me..."
Preach it, Hopie!!!
Justice is getting so big now. He speaks all the time, and more and more, outside people are being pulled into understanding this little language of his. I often hear, "He's so cute" because he talks so much! 
I had been planning to potty train him in the summer, but as this 3rd child came around, I am not sure if I am a little more lax on him being my last, or just being a boy. There were benefits to doing it in the summer, and also, just jumping on the bandwagon of children who are always showing him daily. 
So as August crawled up, I geared myself ready. On July 30th, I heard Justice say, " I have to go potty!" So, with little Faith, I took him into the bathroom and placed him on the toilet. All of the sudden, he pushed his little wee-wee down and started peeing! What!! I was shocked. He started potty training himself!
So since then, we have been progressing each day. Lots of mistakes, but Lots without too! For some reason, this time around, I have a lot more patience.  Go figure.  Precious little boy, 2 years 4 months!
PS. He also loves to roar like a lion. He thinks he is one too!
My Presents from heaven!


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