A snake in the weeds

The other day, I heard an immense amount of screaming coming from downstairs, and as I charged down the steps, I hear Charis through the sliding glass door saying as clear as day, "Hopie got bitten by a snake! She did, she got bitten by a snake! A real snake!" Now terror would usually grip my heart,but something has changed in recent days. As a matter of fact, the message I was listening to upstairs while getting ready, was preparing me. It was about having Faith and not Fear.
As I come flying out the door, I spot Hopie crying holding her knee, and Chaos all about. Justice was scared into tears, and I scanned the area for a snake. I honestly didn't know what to do, but a peace of calmness came over me, as I picked her up and took her next door to our neighbor friends. My heart was beating quickly, dwelling on the fact that 'if it was poisonous, there weren't many seconds to waste'. Caleb was in class teaching at that moment. I exclaimed at the door, " Hopie was bitten by a snake, and I don't know what to do!"
Jeanette, the mom, moved into action. She ran over to the Workers that were working on a nearby project, and they came running over. I prayed the prayer of, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." Luke 10:19, over her.
Meanwhile, the neighbor kids directed them to where the snake was. In my heart, I had All doubt for what they were doing. There was no way they were going to find the snake still lingering around, but lo and behold, they lifted the planter and this 3 foot long snake with a yellow belly  is coiled up there. I was in Shock thinking about  how big this snake was! My Baby!! The workers looked directly at us, and spoke in Hungarian, which was quickly translated, "It's not poisonous!"Charis' Science Book
Oh what relief I felt all in that moment. One of them, Karcsi, grabbed it by the head and walked the long field to throw it over the fence. I realize that if the workers had not been there, I would not have felt such immediate Peace. Thank You, Jesus. I still would have gone to the hospital fearing the worst, etc.  And isn't that like our God who gives Favor and Peace to a situation that 'feels' hopeless for a short moment. That wretched Serpent still tries for evil, but My God is good, and he works all things good for those who love Him. I believe this was a teachable moment for me. He was showing me to Trust Him and just have Faith to believe Him. The coolest part was, as I walked past our neighbor's house to get back to my front door, their front door stated one word, FAITH. I love how he works; I love HIM.

Charis, Hope and Justice. They are all so unique and different and growing in Knowledge and Heart, that we want to keep in stride with sharing and exemplifying the Word of God, and all around Raising them in the way that they should go.
We also had the privilege of having Caleb's Mom here for 2 weeks! She was such a blessing to all whom she talked with. Just having Grammie here was a dose of home, but still we yearn for your faces in person. Lord willing we will see you this Christmas!
Justice has recently potty trained, this August, and surprisingly with all of the 'Boy' Potty-training stories we have heard, he did quite wonderfully. Yes, he still has some accidents, but I feel good about where he is at Today.Oh Boy!
Charis is so hungry for school and the Bible, that it has been so much fun. She will do a 1 hour and 1/2 up at the school with our resident Teacher and Friend, Miss Lynn, and come home to work on subjects like Reading, Science, Social Studies and Bible with me. What a wonderful experience to be able to teach her these subjects, but Jehoshaphat is by far her favorite. This has been a cherished time with her, for me. I hear all of the time about how the time flies.


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