Holdin' Keys

I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it. . . Revelation 3 :7-8 
One night, as I was on the phone with a friend, the sound of loud noise infiltrated the calm. I then hear my daughter Hope, begin to get frantic, as the sounds of an enclosed door grows louder. My oldest daughter Charis, comes running over and says, “Hopie’s Locked in the bathroom!” The urgency in her voice was enough to let me know I needed to get up. So I run over, and hear her jerking at the door. Through hysterical tears of fear, I hear her screaming, “I can’t get out!” I say, Hopie, calm down. Mommy is right here, I am not going to leave.” The war was on. “It’s Dark!, I can’t see!”
Then my heart sunk. My poor baby was stuck in the bathroom and this door was separating us, darkness from light. I speak louder, “Listen to me!” to assure her to just turn the knob on the inside. It made her all the more frightened for she couldn’t find it. I hear her cries give up as she slides her back down the door, in an utter despair of sobs.
As a parent, my heart was so heavy for her all at once, for somehow, she had turned off the light, and also locked the door. God instantly directed me to say calmly, “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”
I stepped two steps over, to get a spoon, and turn the groove of the knob. Just when all was given up, I opened the door. I had to slide her weight forward with the door, in order to open it.

The next thing I knew we were in a full body hug, as she sat on my lap, sobbing. “I couldn't open it, Mommy, I couldn't open it.”
I think we understand how our fears can parallel this story. They can keep us captive in our thoughts and lead us into our own prison. The truth is though, that as we allow ourselves to walk through these doors in the first place, we have been given the ability to open the door, but we feel like we don't. What is it about Fear that keeps us there? What is it about Fear that keeps us Screaming inside, “I CAN'T SEE, I'M SCARED!” instead of listening for that Peaceful, Trusting voice?


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