Loud Kids, Prayers and Souls

As we have returned to Hungary after an amazing time home with Family, Friends and some Steak Tacos, I wanted to mention a cute story about Hopie.  Dec.31, 2010
Zeus the Chihuahua persisted to give 'the eyes', as we told the kids not to feed the dogs pancakes. 
"Will they get sick and die?", Hopie asked. We assured them that it would hurt their tummies. 
Hopie contemplated with a mouthful of pancakes, "Will it hurt his soul?"
Oh my gosh. These Kids. My heart is still laughing. She's been on this 'Soul' kick.

Like when Justice insists that he is the one to pray before ALL the meals, He goes on and on about who he's thanking God for. "Thank you for my Hopie, my Charis, for our family"...etc. and the Girls will casually interject what to Thank God for. Hopie said the other day in a suggesting but leading way, "Bless our souls". They're cute together.

Justice, nearly 3, is beginning to say 4 - 5 word sentences, adding 'really', and, 'very'. My parents said he is very good at talking. 75% can totally be understood...It warms my heart to hear that they are all thriving!

Another quick one. Charis and the Kids were all just returning to Vajta and all rambuctious, I said," Why are you guys so Loud?!!" Charis quickly quipped in a 'c'mon now' kind of voice, "Mom. We're American." 
She has been listening to my answers to people while back in the States. I always mentioned that our Kids are loud compared to other kids in the Grocery stores here in Hungary. We don't even stand a chance of blending in because the first signal to be set off is the Volume. Then the clothes.


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