A Birthday right on the nose

Yesterday, we celebrated my son's 3rd Birthday. I've noticed that Boys are much more, let's say, emotionally intact. Not to say that my girls are out of their minds, but just a little more 'swervy', if you will. Buddy seemed to take it all in stride. He didn't ask too much for himself, yet seemed really happy that it was his day. He was content no matter what... I like that!
We started the day with a bath and haircut... and he was happy to do it.
Then finished frosting the cupcakes while he awaited what somehow he created in his mind as "His Green Birthday", and "His Blue Birthday." Don't exactly know where that came from, but we rolled with it. Today he asked when he would be having his Green Birthday???
We went up to the Coffee shop to celebrate. I ended up making a yellow cake with Chocolate Frosting, and Hershey's Chocolate Cupcakes with green Peppermint Frosting and crushed Oreos on top.  They were super Yummy!

You should try making them. All Recipe's Butter Cream Frosting with a Substitute of Peppermint Extract for Vanilla and add some green dye... Perfection.  I love that while here on the field, we learn how to make everything from scratch. Cake in a box is a forgotten dream.

I also realized from making all of the Cake, Cup Cakes, Frosting, and Kool aid, There was about 18 cups of Sugar in all! Yikes! I'm usually a bit of a Sugar Nazi, but Birthdays are an excuse, Right?

Here we are, taking, what I think, is our first family photo where we are all smiling!

Buddy got some cool presents from Grandparents, and family here... Guns, and Tools and Balls, Bikes and Cars ...Thank You Everyone!...
One Cute thing to note, is Charis and Hopie insist that they have to use their own change from their Piggy Banks, to go buy Birthday presents...Super Sweet!

A Memory of BUDDY
I laugh every time I think about it, and I had to put it down. A couple of months back, Charis had learned the ol' 'stealing your nose' trick with the thumb between the 2 fingers showing the 'make-believe' nose. She had been practicing on her siblings, carving it into perfection.
 Buddy's the type who kind of likes to tell on his sisters in this season.  One day, he yelled across the house in desperation, "M-o-m-m-Y! Charis took my nose!"
Poor little guy, he believed it! Loving My Kids!


What a great birthday memory! I love the new blog set up, too! Looove you!
So cute! I love these ages. I call my son Buddy, too! another similarity. thank you for posting on my blog. the reason for the word verification is that someone sent a virus through my blog to my computer one time, rendering it (and anyones who read my blog before I got it down) useless. So now I have to have that up there, or else have the comments on monitor.
Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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