The Cat is out of the Bag

12 weeks Today

Oh My. If Facebook Land is a representation of what real life is like, We have just officially announced to the world that we are 3 months pregnant!
There is so much crazy emotion that goes with it...
or just good Indian food
It's officially been 3 1/2 years since I was last pregnant, almost leaving it behind, never again to feel the flutters of a little bundle of joy swishing around in there. But God had a different story for this Family.
For some reason this semester, we have been eating a lot of Indian Food! Whether it be restaurants, or with friends, this Baby is getting a good dose of a new food! It's one of those things that you can't get out of your head as a pregnant woman. It's got the perfect amount of spicy- with chicken, and then the Non Bread alone is to die for! It's like a tasty thicker tortilla. You can get them, plain, whole wheat, or garlic...Simply Amazing!

One thing that I had forgotten, is how tired I become in these first months! I just don't want to get out of bed sometimes. I will get the kids dressed, ready, and I will go back and crawl up under the covers and get a good, solid 15 minute nap. Ha! It's true, because having 3 children already, the beautiful sleeping story is long gone. It's One thing I gave up my rights to long ago. It's all part of the blessing!
Contemplating this whole new chapter for my life, I realize that I will see things a lot differently this time around. With the wonder of when the next one will come, I was in a different state of mind. It was my first round of children. Today I am 35.This time, God is teaching me to truly appreciate each stage. Things are also slower here, so I have time to do so!
With the impending wonder of what can happen with this pregnancy, I ask that you would pray for us. We have had two miscarriages, and 2 placenta previas in our past, so our next step is to see if God is going to allow these things again.I trust Him, I trust His Will for my life, and I know that He loves me and has called me according to His Purpose.
On a side note,I listened to a message today by Elisabeth Elliot. One thing that was highlighted in my thoughts was how she said, " If you are going to be a missionary," talking to people who were thinking about it, "you better not even think about going even on a short term mission, if you are not willing to Serve." This really touched my heart today, just realizing what my whole goal here is to do. And I recognize that it's not just for missionaries, but for people who attest to live a life for Jesus.
As I go through this pregnancy, whether here or there, I am here to lay down my life. If it's to have this baby, I need to serve this little growing life, my Family, and my God. I am here to Serve. After all, He laid down His life for me.
I need to mention a story that happened last week with Charis. She was complaining about having to come over and do her homework while her younger siblings got to continue on with playing. I began to share with her about how God wants for her to honor her parents and to have a quiet heart, not grumbling or complaining. (Oh man, I'm speaking to myself too!)
I told her to talk to Jesus. This is an ongoing theme phrase I love to share with them. They don't have to pray with me to hear them, (of course, to train) But just sending the message that God is theirs to speak with too.
 And with a changed heart, she decided to write it down in her journal.

This was the first time Hopie wrote her name all in the right order !
She has really been asking for more school these days! My Baby is growing up...

Justice began Oveda last week. I took him with his sister, Hopie, and she began to show him around. It just happened to be Picture day, so things were a little full, pressing through the preschool room seams, but Buddy took it in stride. And as I slipped out, for a couple of hours, I found myself in wondering place. I began to drive and realized that my house was going to be empty for a part of 3 days each new week. My babies are in a foreign speaking schoolhouse, Charis is up at the castle, and here I am feeling nostalgiac. Something about them not here, is foreign. But I have to tell myself that it is for them, and not me. They are receiving a priceless exposure. Lord, they are in your hands. I trust You!
That being said, we are excited, and awaiting this new adventure! I have toned down my 1/2 marathon training to sleeping and walking, and maybe a little 'Jane Fonda arms' thrown in with some Bob Harper, 'Biggest Loser'. 
I feel good about it.
Anybody else feeling Tired?


Catie said…
So excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet little Kimmie #4 :)
So exciting!!!! What a blessing. It will be fun to see how this pregnancy differs from your others as, like you said, you're in such a different place in life now. Hope it goes smoothly and beautifully!

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