Re-igniting the Writing

Dirt and Twirls is my take as a Mama given 3 kids to love!  With cheerios on the floor, misspelled Crayon words on the wall, and the Grace God continues to give me, Come with me on a journey, this side of heaven, of raising 2 twirly girlys and a sweet little boy...

This blog initially began as a Developmental Journal~ somewhere to collect those gems~ but as time rowed on, I found the Development wasn't in just them, but me, as well. And I know that unless I spill it, it will stay in a forgetful cup stored on a shelf of past years.

I often think of that 'I Love Lucy' episode where the Ricardos were sort of mocking the couple that was coming over who always spoke of 'Little Jimmy'. Remember? They had to find a reason to bring up or show pictures of their kid.  Lucy and Ricky soon realized that they too couldn't help but show pictures of little Ricky.
We all love our kids in a way that no one else can, and inevetably, we are raising what becomes a reflection of ourselves! It becomes a great matter in our lives.
.A little about Living on another Continent.
We are a family of 5 who live in Hungary, but born and raised in Southern California. As each new year passes, we begin to recognize the ignorance in our lives, of not knowing, of how people are different than us, but because of it, they enrich our lives in a new, fresh way. ✿
What we didn't know in the beginning, was that living in Vajta Hungary, has shut out the high-paced culture of Media and Starbucks cups. It is missed at times, but it has shown us what it is like to gain acceptance and enrichment from community and depending on God alone.
 People Talk, and share their lives.
We pass each other and stop to get to know one another. A little taste of what it would be like to live in the "Little House on the Prairie" times. ✿
It's been a blessing for our kids to gain such exposure.
Charis recited John 3:16 in Hungarian just today! She also learns Russian and all kinds of new,different experiences. She's learning the Harp, and loves to sing and create songs.
Hopester is going to an all Hungarian speaking preschool. She understands it! Hopie thrives with the College students, running up into their arms daily!
Justice follows suit, and will soon go to Oveda, (preschool) next month, right after he turns 3. He understands Hungarian as well.  I  continue to see God's blessing on them, and US! All things we would never have known, unless we tried it.


hey, glad you're doing this!! i look forward to getting to know you more and hearing about all of your family's adventures in hungary.

also, you probably don't know but i've visited there twice. :) once for about two weeks i think and again for about five days. most of my time was spent in budapest and i took some small day trips to other villages from there. it was springtime and gorgeous the first time, and then winter the second. loved it. i was 18 and backpacking at the time. feels like an eternity ago!!!
Kimberly said…
That's really cool, do you remember the villages you went to, by chance? We live about 1 1/2 hrs SE of Budapest.
And By the way, I used to live there in Townsville too! On and off for 4 years! Oh I miss the smell of Castle Town right when you walk in! I was part of the Harvest DTS, with Ryan, Brad, Luke, Mia, Kristy, with Bill, Dave G, and Mel as our leaders!,etc...
oh the days when Mel and Brad began flirting!

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