'I Treasure You'

I get infatuated with certain stories sometimes. My Husband tends to roll his eyes with a smirk when he hears of a new off-the-wall topic. When a thought pops into my head, I can't help but research it all via 'you-tubing and googling'. Everything I can read about it, I read. Even more, I can't rest until I scribble out these thoughts going on in 'the attic'.  As torturous as it sounds, I ask you to sit besides me on my journey. 
     I recently watched the 1983 movie, ADAM. It's the story about a 6 year old boy,Adam,who was  abducted  from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Florida in 1981, across from the Hollywood Police station. Revé, the mother, had dropped Adam off in the Sears toy department while she walked a few aisles away to shop for a lamp. When she returned about 7 minutes later, Adam was missing. Police records in Adam's case released in 1996 show that a 17-year-old security guard asked four boys to leave the department store. Adam is believed to have been one of them.  Sixteen days after the abduction, the worst came true for the parents. News came in that Adam was dead, found 120 miles away. Wikipedia
Now one can go down the route of 'I would never let me kid out of my sight' being in the world we live in today,but the story in my heart takes such a tender turn. The movie really captured the pain and anguish of the parents and I began to feel so deeply for them. Yes, we see a lot of pain in these times, and in the world we live in today, with such an information obsessed world, where do we turn with these chronic and daily stories?

     It reminds me of a commentary I read once when Jesus came to Martha after the death of his friend, Lazarus. Coming to the scene of Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus intensely groaned in the spirit.'He wept.' In the ancient Greek, this literally means "to snort like a horse," implying anger and indignation.
 It means that Jesus wasn’t so much sad at the scene surrounding the tomb of Lazarus. It’s more accurate to say that Jesus was angry. Jesus is angry and troubled at the ravages of the great enemy of man: death. He won’t settle for this domination of death much longer. David Guzik, Blue Letter Bible
 Through this horrific ordeal, the parents remained married and were blessed to have a beautiful daughter whom Adam had always asked for. They went on to have two more sons! How did they deal with this? How can one go on?I believe that the Lord gives Grace, Compassion and Comfort to all, even to those that are not his own. That's our God. He IS Love.
     The Walsh family organized a campaign to help missing and exploited children. Despite problems, John and Revé's efforts eventually led to the creation of the Missing Children Act of 1982. Further,by the late 1980s, many malls, department stores and supermarkets have adopted what is known as a 'Code Adam.' This code is announced when a child is missing in a store or if a child is found by a store employee. If the child is lost or missing, all doors are to be locked and a store employee is posted at every exit, while a description of the child is generally broadcast over the intercom system. Wikipedia
Also,the father,John Walsh went on to be the host of the longest running Fox television show America's Most Wanted since 1988.

     This man fought for Justice and Justice prevailed. On December 16, 2008, after 27 years, the killer was finally identified, Ottis Toole, and the case has been officially closed and put to rest. During the conference, Walsh said that it was never about vengeance, but always about Justice. He said with tears, "We needed to know. We needed to know. And today we know. The not knowing has been a torture, but that journey's over."  2008 The Associated Press
     It just makes me want to hug my kids a little longer, a little tighter. Each one of them came down at different times this morning so I got to have some individual time with each of them. As I poured their cereal, I just sat there and stared, beholding their beautiful little faces. 
In my quiet time this morning, I picked up a book called 
Words Kids Need to Hear.
It's message is broken down into 7 statements that kids need to be affirmed. It speaks about being repetitive and deliberate with our choice words. The phrase for today was 'I Treasure You.'
'Kids long to feel special, the kind of feeling that comes straight from a parent's heart. Not as a result of performance. Not for  physical appearance. Not earned at all. Children need to feel precious, prized, valued, or cherished--you pick the term--by mom and dad solely because they're kids and because kids are worth treasuring. After all, their lives are constantly quantified by grades, athletic ablity, percentile ranks, and a society sold out to the belief that Beautiful is better.' David Staal

     The Lord has given us such blessings, that sometimes I don't even realize how amazing His love is reflected through them. And as I sat with them at the Breakfast table I began to speak these words of life into them. 'I treasure you, my precious baby.' I'm not sure they understand it, but I know that it will speak to their heart for Today.

Today I am nearly 19 weeks.


Daniela said…
Thank you for allowing me to see things through your eyes and in your heart. We do have so many blessings and our children are just that.

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