Lavished Love and Things Kids Say

“Mommy...I’m scared,” I hear my first born whisper at the foot of the bed. The room is dark, the moon is still out, and I was barely conscious. So I open the comforter, to let her crawl in between us. I feel her snuggle up next to me, as she says softly, “I had a bad dream, and I didn’t like it...” I started thinking about the years I would do this with my parents, and how comforted I would feel to lay there. I could go right to sleep with no fears in the world.
As I turn to give her a squeeze, I reach for her hand in the quiet of the night. I feel her little dog, ‘OO-OO’ in her grasp with one paw in her hand.
My heart was warmed as I realized she was holding her own ‘baby’s’ hand... You know,I’ve heard many, many times, how I should hold on to the time, for it won’t be long. And in that delicate moment, I realized that she would one day grow up, and these years of reaching would someday be mere dreams. So I held my 7 year old with that in mind.
 The Kiddos
Charis turned 7 in April and we celebrated it with true Princess style, 'TANGLED". Maybe my favorite Disney Movie Yet!

After, the Extravaganza, we had a Slumber Party and woke up to Birthday Pancakes, our usual Tradition!

 Since she’s a bit of a Science girl, we got her and her siblings some Butterfly nets to celebrate with. They have caught a good handful so far!

Some Away Time
We also recently got to take a day off and go to the Zoo as a family, What an amazing time to walk around on a most beautiful day! The Budapest Zoo is simply gorgeous, and this was the first time we went around the whole day with all of them on foot. We haven’t had too many of these opportunities to get out, so realizing that they were all capable of getting themselves around was a huge bonus.  It won’t be long like this!
We would also like to ask that you keep our children’s schooling in your prayers. We are in need of one more Teacher.

The other day, I heard of a story that Justice had said to a friend here, a Hungarian girl, Miriam, who he loves to call Miri! She was looking through a book with Shapes and Colors, and each time he would identify with loudness. "It's a Circle!, It's a Sqauare!" So Miri decides to move on to colors, and he resorts to saying in a 'c'mon now' kind of voice, "It's a Circle!" She would say, "No, what COLOR IS IT?" and he would continue, "IT's A CIRCLE!" So Miri decides to ask, "Is it Purple or is it Green?" Justice rolled his eyes and  
promptly retorted, "Oh my Gosh, You're such a Girl."
Hopie is our little Love bug. She loves to stay close to us, even though she is an adventurous one. She has almost close to NO fears, this girl. She's always getting little scrapes and cuts, but as soon as she's getting her fill of fun, she will return and crawl up into our laps. She loves to be Home and watch movies. 


This pregnancy, so far, has been Amazing! We are going to a Hungarian doctor in the city who shares in broken english with us for our appointments. Being that we’ve been around this block before, we can mostly understand what is coming. But in all honesty, just taking Prenatal Vitamins has been the measuring stick we stand by. When in America, I was able to ask many questions, get updates on weeks and months, get answers immediately with information from books, and rubbing shoulders with other pregnant women, that I realize now what an abundant blessing it was to have a baby in America. But here is where God has called me, and I will continue to try my best at carrying this beautiful gift!
A funny custom that Caleb and I experience is how when we walk into the Doctor’s waiting room, and all of the hungarian couples are sitting there, we are all supposed to greet each other with “Szia Stok”, which means ‘Hello All’, and also, “Szia Stok” when we leave which means ‘Goodbye All’. So you can only imagine every time someone walks in and out! It’s just a polite custom! 
Food wise, I feel like I am eating so much! I love to eat fruit and such, but the actual eating seems to be a lot! Did any other of you Pregnant people find yourself eating Lunch at 10:30 a.m.? And of course, Regular Lunch at -Lunch Time.
Please keep us in prayer. We are in our 17th week, and went to our doctor’s appt. yesterday. He noticed that the placenta was lower than last time, but he wouldn’t call it a previa. Knowing our history, this is a definite prayer request. We don’t want to go to the ‘imagined’ yet, but just trust God will take us healthily through this pregnancy. We don’t yet know What the baby is! But it is about 5 oz. now, and about 5 inches long. If you would like to know more about our Missions, check out our Missionary Blog!

*I recently overheard a conversation between my kids. As 
I sat in another room, t
hey were watching the cartoons,Tom and Jerry, that had been recorded on TV. It was sent from home from Grandma and Grandpa. And as they comment on the commercials with toys and things, I hear Charis say, "Oh, you have to be 18 to order it." Hopie quickly asks, "Is that like when you're almost dead?"

Kids are Funny.
Lavish: unstinted, extravagant, improvident; generous, openhanded. Lavish, profuse: refer to that which exists in abundance and is poured out copiously.
♥ ♥ How Great is the Love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!.. 1 John 3:1


Regi said…

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I eat like a hobbit. breakfast, second breakfast, 11nies, lunch and so on..... there is nothing wrong with lunch at 10:30. It leaves you open to have it again at 12 :-)

PS. it's regina (CJ's not really a cousin, cousin)
Rosebud said…
Your kids say such cute things! I'm glad your pregnancy is going well so far. And for the record, I think it's perfectly fine to have "lunch" at 10:30 am when you're pregnant, although I always called it "second breakfast." Somebody else mentioned eating like a hobbit when pregnant. If you don't, then you get too nauseated, at least in my experience. Plus, I always need to eat a bunch to gain that extra weight to provide the calories I need for nursing the baby after it's born--so it's all good!
God bless,
Sharon Markey

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