A step across an ocean...

Hello Friends and Mom Friends,
As I sit here eating grapes and drinking a small cup of Joe, I thought it would be important for us to share our latest news:
As you guys know, we are missionaries in Hungary, and the Lord has been impressing upon our hearts a change in store for our lives. Long before we found out that we were pregnant, we felt His whispers in our heart of a new thing. Not necessarily comfortable things, but a New thing.
Habakkuk 1:5
“Look at the nations and watch–and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

     So to begin, we have been praying for the country of Australia for a long time. God has been revealing many things about the condition and heart of the country, but before we take too many steps ahead, we would just like to ask for you to join us in prayer. 
Nehemiah 2:12..I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem…
At the College, Caleb taught the book of Nehemiah this semester, and like Nehemiah himself, felt a fire begin, and took that first step to go and meet with a few good men to scout out the land.
Caleb will be going this summer first to Melbourne in Victoria, and then to Adelaide in South Australia to see what God is doing. I had been involved with Youth with a Mission for 4 years, centrally based in Australia. So keeping connected with friends, they have encouraged us that there is a big stirring and many eyes are returning back to Australia…
The Territory of South Australia has no Calvary Chapels at the moment.  Our heart is to draw closer to God through it all, and see what He wants to do. Let our Faith Arise!

As we were pondering these things, We had our ultrasound and found out that we will be having another little BOY ! Justice will have what he likes to call a ‘Brother Baby’. We are so thankful for God’s Plan in our lives. 
Here's to another one of these cuties...
The Pregnancy
So with that, some of you may remember our pregnancy ordeals before.We had had a ‘Complete’ Placenta Previa for both Hope and Justice’s pregnancies. This means that where the Placenta should be way up high, It sits not only at the bottom, but covers the birth canal. Again, the placenta normally attaches to the upper portion of the uterus ( I had to use the word uterus, didn’t I) which is more muscular and stronger to support the placenta. However, in placenta previa the placenta attaches to the lower portion of the uterus which is weaker and thinner.

With this update also came the news that for the third pregnancy we have again a  complete placenta previa.  It was definite this too will be a “high risk” pregnancy.
As you enter your second and third trimester, the cervix begins to thin and stretch in preparation for labor. As this area stretches it can cause the blood vessels to break therefore causing bleeding. So imagine, as the weight of the baby grows and expands, it can increasingly become very dangerous. Placenta previa can lead to complications for both mother and baby. Complications that arise include hemorrhaging, preterm labor, anemia for either mother or baby. This occurs in about 1 in 200 births. I don’t know why it keeps happening to me, but knowing our history, it is not a question of ‘If’, but ‘When’.
And even more so, the risk factors add up, for each pregnancy. These include:
Previous history of placenta previa X
Having given birth before (second or greater pregnancy) X
Over the age of 35 (Hey! I just turned 35) X
Prior delivery of a baby via cesarean section X
Wow, that’s a lot of factors!
So,Placenta previa will usually require bed rest and frequent visits to the doctor or hospital. I may be given steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs because I am  still at risk for delivering early. Treatment will vary depending on how far along I am in my pregnancy. If I start bleeding, which is how it has gone down in the past, or having contractions, I will be hospitalized.  If bleeding stops, the doctor may send me home on bed rest. If bleeding cannot be controlled, an immediate c section is given regardless of length of gestation.
Because the risk of hemorrhaging is higher for women with placenta previa, mothers will be monitored for signs of hemorrhaging.
One last factor was that, Justice, being born earlier, was taken to the NICU due to immature lungs. He needed to be in for a little longer, so looking back, we remember the difficult times we had, but all along, God was so faithful!
This is why, after factoring all of these results, knowing our past, and living 50 minutes away from the nearest Hospital, we must return Home.
Not once, as Parents can understand, have we ever regretted this situation, for we are learning very quickly that we are in love with this little growing life.
So coupled with the Vision and the Baby, we will most likely be in America for little bit. WOW! God is in the business of Adventure!  So again, as time goes on, things will increasingly become more dangerous, so with the small window of time we have now, we  will be leaving in June.
Looking at all the Blessings of this place, overwhelmed with the thought of naming them all, we know that being here is not about the Place, but the People. The Family and Community here is so Special. That even if we ever found ourselves not agreeing with each other, we still held on to each other, and looked out for each other’s backs. That was one of the greatest things about How God Designed This Place! This is a community of how God wants Christians to be able to live together. And we are leaving better people because He gave us grace to be here and learn with everyone. Thank You.
 Thank You for continuing to read, 
and till we see each other,
The Beller Family
*Please Pray for this whole situation... Pregnancy, Birth, and Transition of our Family. That things will run smoothly with what we leave behind, but also for our return to California...


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