Hysteria or Hysterectomy ?

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; 
is anything too difficult for Me"?
Jeremiah 32:27
As we’ve been home for 4 weeks now, we have exerted through children’s parties, trips to Costco, and red white and blue skies for the next doctor’s appointment due for July 11. It has been a fun time just settling in to our new life here in Orange County, California.(Not gonna lie, getting 6 pairs of cute Old Navy Flip-Flops for 10 dollars is a perk..) All along, as we dive fully into 27 weeks of ‘babiness’, we ponder the next findings from our high risk doctors.

You pregnant ladies know about the dreaded Glucose ‘orange dream’ test you have to drink in order to test for gestational diabetes. Yep, I drank that yesterday and breathed like a dragon, between gulps, in hopes to avoid any lasting taste. My husband said, “I would say that’s annoying...” but was quickly cut off when I quickly gave him ‘the side eye.’ Just imagine the eye of the dragon. So far I think I’m good, although every pregnancy to date, I have had to drink it TWICE for some kind of inconclusive definition to the test. Darn it! Here’s to hoping. They haven’t called back yet. (So as we drove home, we stopped at the Donut Shop for a Maple Bar Donut--haven’t had one of those since I was a kid!). 

But yes, I found myself doing a bunch of blood tests and peeing in the cups yesterday. And as 1 and 2 doctors came in to check and double check my ultrasounds, they seem to give the looks and us all the answers that you hope they’d get right to the point for, but at the same time, actually dread hearing them say out loud.

In our last pregnancy with Buddy, My doctor had made me aware of the fear of placenta accreta, which to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to. I remember on the c-section table though, as at that time having my 2nd placenta previa, and  little Justice was born, the doctor said, ‘the placenta came out quite nicely.’ But this time, Caleb likes to coin it as, ‘A new Twist’ in play.  And  for a second time that hour, they liberally squeezed the warm gel on this ever-growing belly of mine, they moved the probe around to re-confirm their verdict. 

They were 100% sure I had Placenta Accreta potentially moving to Incretia. I am 1 out of 2,500 women that experience this! Wow! This is a story that I haven’t trekked into thus far. They explained it like so: Each Pregnancy, through each c-section, it has created scar tissue. Therefore, the Placenta magnets toward, but cannot implant or grab hold of that area, so it’s pushing further on, even towards my bladder!  As they searched the ultrasound picture, the layer between the uterus and the placenta is not visible. As far as normal, this is not. 
As they began spilling their information, a heaviness began to surge in my chest. You know the kind of feeling that begins high in your stomach and as the words are arriving in your ears, your fears can rise high and fast. I find it most comforting to share what God did in that moment. As the terrors arose, He said, “Why should  you fear? I am with you. I AM with you.” I chose right then and there, to let it all go. All of my heartquakes were beaten down in that moment by my Father's still voice.
Isaiah 41:13 
For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. 

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. 

Romans 8:15

For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

Hopie dressing up in Daddy's clothes
She went on to share the potential risk is that the placenta might possibly be embedding past the normal layer, and through the uterus to other organs. It’s like a scary story! It’s like that Blob that won’t quit! Due to the likely hood of a full hemorrhage with trying to detach the placenta during delivery, she shared that it’s probably better that we just give a full hysterectomy. They will basically be taking out the uterus, and the only change for me will be that I won’t be able to have any more children. Since I was a child, I have wanted four. This still has multiple danger issues with loss of blood,and I will most likely need a blood transfusion during surgery.

Suffice it to say that our beautiful baby is Healthy! They say he's like a poster child for ultrasounds since he loved to show his profile...little Cutie! But it's true that we are in need of prayer. We will be going back for weekly visits. Our next week’s appointment will be about taking a look at my cervix. There is a certain length we are looking for, and as of now, it is going down. This means that my body is heading towards delivery a bit on the ‘early’ side. This is also a prayer request. If all goes well, we will be delivering as late as 36 weeks...
I know that my God is with me, but the Bible also says that there is power in people who pray together. I thank you so much for reading this and as much as I stand in a small spot, I feel freedom. Thank You for your ongoing support! 
Have any of you been in a spot like this? How did God reveal Himself to you?
Remembering with you that Nothing is TOO difficult for God!
All Love.


Kristin said…
Hey Kim, sorry to hear all of the craziness that is going on, we will definitely be praying for you!! A lot of women experience having to grieve over hysterectomies... just a heads up, so please don't be too hard on yourself if you have those feelings afterward! We love and miss you guys. God knows, and He is going to be with you always!
Kim! Firstly, I HATED the orange dream too, only here they don't even try to give it a better taste, bleh!
Know that you are being lifted up and carried in prayer. I'm sure that you have "hard moments", but I can hear your perpspective and heart through this post and know that as the Lord has spoken comfort to your heart, He will continue to!
Praying for you, that little guy and the rest of your precious family! Much love, Grace
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! Even if you have your four kids that you've always wanted... I can imagine being told that you need a hysterectomy is still very, very difficult. Just the finality of it all. And of course the other risks associated with the lead-up and surgery sound a bit scary.Thank God you're in a safe place with all of modern medicine's technology at your fingertips!!! You're in my prayers for sure! HUGS.
Amber said…
wow...definitely praying for you Kimmie. Maybe it's the common bond of pregnancy, or just a sister in Christ, but your story (and how God brought scripture to your remembrance IN THE MIDST) struck a deep chord. I went in to the hospital early with Eliana and was on an IV, etc...had to have a c-section as well. I remember God reminding me of her name already picked out - "Eliana" (God has answered us) and "Grace" (grace!)...He said so poignantly "I have answered you, and my grace is sufficient!" He was with us too, although our situation was not near as dramatic and life threatening. But that is the main point, isn't it? That HE is with us...right there...always. I will pray for you and your family, that His comforting arms will continue to show you that, and also that He will protect mommy & baby with LIFE :)
love you!
The Haythorpes said…
Love you Kimmie!! We a praying for peace that transcends all understanding and that those words He has given you will be the things you hold onto this next season. xx
Daniela said…
Hey Kimmie,
I know these times are super frightening but it seems like the Lord has given you so much peace with His word, sure it is still scary however it is super awesome how the Lord is keeping you calm in these crazy storms. We will be praying for you!!! By the way I kind of chuckled when you gave the "look" I was thinking of the song...IT's the eye of the tiger"..ha ha
All our love to you and the entire family. Big hugs and tons of kisses!
Anonymous said…
Definitely praying for you and your family constantly! I'm here in the next city so you call me if you need extra help. We are all praying for you at Crossroads-Corona! Xoxo

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