Happy Transition, Happy Fall

     So with the Fall Festivities Swooping in, Soccer Saturdays have become a highlight in our lives ! Being together and cheering on your children as we dance down the sidelines- IT IS AN EXCITING THING!
Parenthetically speaking, doesn't it truly show you what's going on in your heart with the competitive spirit while watching your children play? O h  m y  goodness, I need to keep my heart in check, when I think, 'C'mon, push 'em back!!' or 'That was totally off-sides!!!' Lord, help me!

Pixie Power
Silver Lightning

And if you know Caleb, you know that he can't keep quiet on the sidelines either, when it comes to his kiddos! With last season being Hope's Soccer Coach, he now has stepped back, but not without a voice. Recently, Hope just made TWO goals for her team, and we were over the Moon with Joy! It was such an awesome thing!
But I do have this one moment seared into my brain. For some reason, God gave me a sort of snap-shot that I absolutely love to think about and keep in prayer for my children. A couple of games ago, Charis lined up with her team on the field, all Silver and ready to go. The game began, and the image of little Charis amongst the giants of 8 and 9 year olds; it was a peculiar thing. This is her first year playing, and it was one of her first games, but the Fearlessness in this child was mind-blowing to watch.
The picture so vividly etched on my brain is the moment where all of the opposing team was lined up like a menacing 'Berenstain Bears' scene where Sister Bear is staring down the Big Bad Bullies. She's small, but she knows who she is. Even closer in relation, is young David, a child, standing up to the Big Fear-Reigning Giant, Goliath. There came a moment where this Wall of Blue jersey-wearing Opposition sort of made a box with the ball, and while all of our team stood 5 feet from them, nobody, for many seconds would come up against them.
Oh my goodness! Here comes Charis charging through as she bursts to the other side like a serious game of Red Rover, Red Rover! Granted, she landed like a dive roll onto the ground, but she muffled the ball away from their grasp. I'll never forget that. . . The Picture, the Message. God reminded me that when they are raised in His Hands, as a Child of Him, they need not be afraid, no matter how many, how mighty. They know who they are.
Just like Hopie's Memory Verse for this week, I am encouraged:
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."    ~Joshua 1:9           

It is an interesting time period in the Beller Home. It kind of reminds me of the simple and special moments, 14 years ago, when I first surrendered my life to Christ in September of 1998. I had wrestled with God for so long that there was such a feeling of Joy and Freedom in those first days, that Anything was Possible! I was gearing up to go to Australia with Youth With A Mission- unbeknownst to me what Adventures were on the Horizon.
My whole life ambitions were forming into new ones!
The words of this song "I'm gonna Fly" by Amy Grant, 
sum up what I was feeling in those days: 
 All of my friends are happy to stay
 Here in this yard day after day 
But something inside me has called me away
 I don't understand but I know I can't stay 

 As much as we love the things offered in America, the burritos, and coffees, and close proximities, irreplaceable people, schools and beautiful neighborhoods; in Comparison to Christ's Call on our lives, it all has a very loose hold on us in this time. And not to say that we won't miss with all of our hearts, our dear Family, our Old and New Friends, a voice beckons us from afar. "Will you go where I lead you? Will you go where I need you?" Our answer is Yes.

I am blessed to have children who have learned adaptability. They are chomping at the bit for Creative ways of Learning new things!!  In so many ways, in so many years, if one sifts through my journal writings, you see a transition going on of, "No Way, I could never be a Homeschooling Mom" to "Whatever you want, Lord, But you are going to have to Help me!!" 

First of all, I still don't identify myself as the Homeschooling type. I don't. Do Not. But I do see the need for it. I find many reasons gearing me towards it. Daily. I see the practical reasons of seeing how 30 to 1 in a classroom, can take away from them. Just being their one on one, teaching His way through word and action, is priceless. 
I still agree, ideally, with it being ok for ChristianTeachers teaching my children in a Private school, while I am the most influential in their lives, but if God has chosen differently for us, I want to Embrace it! It's neat to understand this and 'say Uncle'  while still here in the States, because I truly have no other route! It is God's Call!
If between you and me, My greatest Fear is TEACHING them. Being the one whom they solely learn academics from. Wow! What a big deal! I can already see the Homeschooling mamas rising up with all of the encouragement in the world, but I am just voicing my fears. I know God will get me through, I know that He will teach them too, and I believe with all of my heart, that if I am called, If WE are called, He will provide; it's just me. Juggling all of them, and wanting the Best, It's mind-wearying. 

I have begun the studying of how people go about it, the juggling, the multi-tasking, and the Subject-picking, and the Praying, believe you me! So in big ways, we have already begun. The curriculum is just picked out by the school, and sometime in the next few weekswe will be transitioning a 3rd, 1st, Pre-K, and 1 year old over to Home School, with our bags packed towards Hungary... Yay and Yikes!
And nonetheless, It's a neat time to have just 'THE BOYS' Home in these days. Justice and I are working on our Pre-Kinder work with Shapes and Letters, while Cruz squeaks and smiles and walks all around the house. We just celebrated his First Birthday, so It is Busy! And although I need more breaks than I get, I do love it! 
Really quickly, I recently got to give them the 5 love language test for each child, and found out some interesting discoveries of how to better speak their language. This is another Gift God has shared with me. If you think you know your child, You will really know them while you have them home. A Blessed Mom lives here.

So as we gear up for this last season on American Soil, Hopefully you can keep us in your prayers! We are all interwoven into many activities via Church, Churches, Communities, Work, School, etc. A couple of things, we do not want to steal our Joy, while still here, but also looking towards the Move, is our living situation, as well as finances. Just being Real.
We know that God is in this, but it doesn't mean there won't be Challenges. As Caleb's wife, I am so, so blessed! But I do see the stress he is under trying to make ends meet, with our family of 6, while we transition our way over there. Please pray for Support to be raised in God's name on behalf of God's Call on our lives. 
It has been a privilege to share all of this with you. 
And as Caleb and I come to the eve of celebrating 10 years married on October 5th, we ALWAYS reflect on a Life Verse God has given to us through our Pastor on the day of our marriage. 
 See, I have placed before you an Open Door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.  Revelation 3:8

More to come.
Until Then, Be Blessed in Jesus,
PS. Friends, what things are weighing down heavy on you these days?
I would love to pray with you!


Isabella said…
Wow, I love the way you share your heart Kimmie and I am looking forward to seeing you around soon. How exciting!
Our Lord with you as you prepare your hearts, minds, souls and your whole beings to shift your life again... what an adventure, what a privilege to do this for Jesus =)
I love you and I am really really looking forward to your coming, oh and so are my Boys. They are really excited about Caleb being around now that we are here full time as well.
The Kids are so big and beautiful, and you are such a good Mom.
I love you!
Kimberly said…
Thank You, Isabella! Can't wait to see you guys soon too! This is going to be Awesome!

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