Our Nest, His Storehouses...

As many people are fluffing up their brightly colored turkeys, setting out their little pilgrim figurines and spreading out their thanksgiving cornucopias, we pull down our frames, throw out our sample ballots, fold up our clothes, and slightly smile inside- as we set out the garage sale giveaways- - our heart is moving forward...
Also recently, my girls were marked absent from their elementary school. .  .  The next day too.
 And As we turn our eyes towards the road God has for the Beller Life, 
we prepare for the school culture of Home.("E.T. Phone Home!")
  We are still preparing for this next big move in our lives... 
onward to Hungary!

This Culture for today will be having my 4 little birds home in the nest, while having more time to love on them, get to know them more deeply, by their strengths and weaknesses, and teach them the things I love! (Don't get me wrong, I am a little nervous about teaching Academics, not gonna lie about it.)
But, I do love to go into detail about character, and verses and stories that reflect the God I love.
I desire to Give them Jesus. 
And now, as I have pulled them out of the school down the street, I will officially homeschool the 3 eldest. (By the way, I feel such freedom in this!)

But first, my focus is staying afloat. How, in the midst of no Stability, do I manage a Move, a handful of children, and a new school-hill to climb, while staying on top of everyday tasks? I'm getting to that answer daily...
I'm not sure how it shows itself, but a common thread of my life seems to be people asking, or sharing with me, "I could never do that!" kind of thing. And as I shared with you before, which might be an encouragement in your walk, is a blog subject I wrote called Lampost to Lampost.

 I would love you to know that in many areas of our lives, God is a gentlemen. He will move into the fear with you. There are so many things we tell ourselves we can't do, that looking ahead at a task that looks impossible, I don't believe God throws you into it unwillingly.

When people lift their little hand for the call of the missionary, and all of your imaginations turn towards living in the little hut in Africa with no running water, because that seems to be the first sight on your mind's eye -this is not what God's about. He slowly brings you to the next step, while holding your hand all the way through.

Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

What looked impossible, may look a little bit more possible, and then he slowly melts down your heart, casting away fear by fear until, you can see the vision. It may take time depending on how open you are to trusting Him, but He will take you there.
This is where I am with Homeschooling and packing my family up, and moving across the globe.
And now, I am led  back to the original question of HOW CAN ONE EVEN DO THAT?  
The Answer is Faith in My Lord. Step by Step. In the midst of Instability, He is always Stable. The best part of these days, is that He so assuredly shows up in my everyday life. Just as there were so many 'God-stories' of how he provided for us when we arrived back on American Soil, I see how He steadfastly loves and provides for us Today. 
The little things really show a person how much He loves You. From the comforts of home, that are loosely pulled away from you, 
he fills them with other comforts that are from His Storehouses. 

We are moving out of this house to cut our renting expenses, yet God has so graciously provided us a place to stay; and every item given to us when we arrived, is now being perfectly passed on to others in need. With our car being sold, support-raising, and dinner provided each night, we are recognizing his loving blessings!
A sweet little thing he did today, was ceased our worry of where our cute little dog, Jack Tebow was going to go. It was so important to us, that we felt comfortable with whom J.T. would live with. We were sad that he wouldn't be able to go with us, and as he pounced around in the backyard,unbeknownst to the impending next day, our hearts became heavier. So we prayed. . .
All 3 Children got down on their knees and prayed for a loving home.

 Not an hour later, My parents called, and asked if we had J.T. still...and yes, we did.  "Well, do you wanna bring him over tomorrow?" they said. That was Family code for, 'we want him, because he'll be ours to remind us of the kids." 
That lifted our hearts so much to know that in some small way, it may give them as Grandparents, comfort from God as well. They now have a Grand Dog!

These are the things God does. Some may call it little. But I call it Big. A Big God knows of the little things that matter in our hearts. And He answers. He builds faith in us; but especially for 4 little prayers that God answers. He cares. He sees us.

And as we look back to the stories that God has done through this year, we recognize that all of our lives, He is moving, has been moving-- if we let Him.
Here is a story that Charis told me days before her last day of school. She's 8. I am soooo blessed. 

"Jenny didn't want to be Nia's friend anymore and so she, Nia, came to me, and she was talking about what happened- and I said at lunch, 
"You know, you can always pray, pray to God, Do you know who God is?" 
and she said, "No." 
"He's our Savior and He lives in Heaven. " "And do you know what he did for us?" 

Well, if He didn't die on the cross for us, we would have to die in our sins, but because He died for us, we don't have to" And one day He's going to come back and he's going to bring the people who love him and trust him up to him." Do you want to go to heaven?"
"Do you know how? All you have to do is ask him to come into your heart and live with you" 
And she said, "I really want to do that"

And then when we were leaving  to the classroom, she said I like you Charis, you always help me when I need you, I don't want you to leave!" So I hugged her tight.

Hope's '6th Birthday' Party
Hope: As the girls just ended their soccer seasons, a moment plays over in my head. The other day at Hope's Soccer game, There was a girl on the other team who had cut her hair like a boy, kicked super hard, and seemed to be outcasted by both sides. "She was different" and kids can be cruel.There came a couple of times where she kicked the ball quite powerfully, right into a couple of our players and made them fall crying. Parents got angry, and the girl began to cry.  Hope had a really compassionate heart and went to her during half time and said, "You're a really good player, and it's going to be ok, God Bless You!" Mind you, this was a game where she had made no goals herself, but I can't tell you how blessed I was when she came back to tell me that story. "As I whispered in her ear, "You showing Jesus through that, is worth more than 100 goals!"

Justice is just an amazing kid. I love to hear his beautiful singing voice in the background of the car. He really gets into the worship songs,just praising God! And the funny thing is-- Cruzie does too.He's 14 months now, and You can hear him off-tune jibber jabbering in the background. I love them, and am excited to see their love for Jesus grow!


by Kim Berly

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;

    great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22

Click While You Read:

 We often hear how much Jesus Loves us, whether friend, church, bystander, randomly on the side of the road. Intellectually, it hits us. Jesus Loves Me.
As many do, I often chew on or find myself thinking about HOW We Know that God Loves us. It is by the fact that He laid down his life for us. There's so much more to that too. That's good, man.
I also have been thinking A LOT about this lately.. my questions and ponderings always go to  WHY ; Why does He love us in the first place? 
WHy does He love us so deeply?
Why did he send his Son to die for us? And beyond the understanding that we cannot fully know until we are with him,  God so recently revealed to me something very cool. 
He loves us sooo much because of WHO HE IS. 
It's something that reflects, or actually shines through us. He is LOVE. He does, and Can and Will (way beyond our understanding) because it's the Reflection of the WHO and WHAT HE IS! I AM! is LOVE! He can do nothing but!
I guess I'm one of those who need to know more than How, but Why, because obviously we are riddled with mistakes! He is so Good.  ! ! ! 

Thank You for taking a few moments, to peak in, to hear a little more of our journey...
Until He Returns, 

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. Malachi 3:10


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