I kissed you while you were 'FOUR'

"I realize they grow. . .  
I see it happening every day." 

Even though you're asking for another snack every hour,
or leaving your socks around the house 
right after we have a sit-down about where they go , 
I realize more and more how very unique  and just special you are. 
All of you. 
You are such precious, incomparable gifts from above.
I know I don't feel it every    moment, but Today                    I see it.  Your little personalities and dreams, your sarcasm-your little quirks.    Your giggles and questions, and wonders, -- and your little cries. 
I can still see my first-born's first cry sometimes
 when I see you in a different light.
Just the other night, it was the Eve of Justice's Birthday, I stopped by each child's rooms to check how they all slept, safe and tucked in warmly.   As I tip-toed across the room to Justice's bed, I sat down to take a moment in. His loud voice hushed, his toys taking a break too, My Little one was resting soundly.  This little baby who came out of my belly, was growing up into this wide open world. Tomorrow, he would be Five.
 It was sadness, nostalgia and good bye to babyhood all wrapped into one. But Love
I reached down and gave you a kiss right on the lips. It was a Mommy moment, you didn't know about, Little Buddy
But I kissed you while you were still four.
{and you'll never wipe that one away...}
Weather or not you're ready
Snow is a new-ish thing to me. I have often been called to warm places. And all along desired to end up in a place that had snow. 
Still Training inside...
So here I am, I get it. . . .  I enjoy the overcast days. But heaps and feet of snow? 
  It's still snowing right now.
And tonight, as we prepared to trench the wild, snowy downpour up to the castle for Dinner, the kids skipped out 15 minutes early, all bundled up, taking on the cascading snowfall. Caleb had just changed the baby's diaper, and as Charis threw on a jacket, she decided to be a little mommy and put Cruzie's on too.
  So he's walking around, and I noticed that he wasn't wearing pants yet, but just a big fluffy jacket, and socks. I went to the room to get him some pants, only to return to 2 open doors heading straight for the stockpile  of snow. 
And there he was. 
Following after his brother, Snow up to his diaper, in socks! 
Initiative isn't always great, when you are lacking judgement for your cold kid, so I couldn't really take a picture, even if I wanted to! I knew that he was already freezing cold. He didn't want to end it, but almost gave up, as I grabbed him out of the tall, not-so-trudged blanket of white. . . He knew it was the right thing. 2 little wet socks can only get you so far, kid!

Updates on Homeschooling
My kids bless me so much. I am having so much fun learning their strengths and weaknesses. 
I have the 2 girls home with me,
while little one makes messes. . .
A N Y T I M E    &   E V E R Y W H E R E . . . 
Justice is going into the village 4 days a week 
for a few hours a day and he is thriving!
Charis and Hope are taking Hungarian classes on Tuesdays, and are rapidly learning "fruits, and Hi's," etc. and it's hilarious and blissful 
to hear their practicing. 
Sometimes they like to check out their words on Google Translate. 
I'll be walking by and hearing a computer say something in a huge, long non-understandable statement: and I'll say, "Woa, what was that?" And Charis will spout out in a reading-tone, 
That just strikes me funny, because it's such a random statement to use out there. Ha!  I love their hearts to learn all of their subjects.
The other day, Hope and I were going over the newly introduced sound of 'Kn'. We went over the silent K in Knife, and Knot, and Know. This, in which I felt accomplished in how I was teaching her this new type of spelling word. So I asked her to use a 'Kn' word in a sentence. 
She then proceeded to write this, very confident and sure:
“My Family is very knise.”

 My work continues.

It is a gift to be home with them. Along with learning their strengths and weaknesses, I see mine highlighted BIG! 
Wow! I have so not arrived! 
God is showing me more and more about myself when it comes to the Fruits of the Spirit! I NEED PATIENCE. Especially when you think for a moment that you've kind of tackled it, you realize that you're not even close!! I am loving my Father's mercies for me as a Mother! They are new Every morning.
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.
We are beginning a lot of research for next year's Homeschooling Curriculum. Price, and style. Please keep this in your prayers when you think of it. {K, 2nd, 4th.}

...A couple of Cute Moments
I love this picture so much! We were on the Train and Justice was just gazing outside, Happy as can be. He didn't know that we were taking a picture. So sweet.
.A couple of Books
Well, There are many more stories 
to share, 
and I will Lord-willing, be returning here soon! But all the more reason to share with you a couple of books that have encouraged my heart beyond words. I cannot wait to finish it, them, 
and read it all over again. 

First, I would love to encourage you to ask God to re-ignite your desire for the Word of God. Even if you're a champ at it, 
the Lord has more in store!
It is by far, the only one that gives Life! 
I realize it more and more each new year. 
He loves to remind you of His Love...

Another that has surely blessed me, is a book written by Kay Smith.
The Privilege  -     
        By: Kay Smith
The Privilege 
Lessons from the heart of a Sheperdess
This book helps you take a second look at the opportunity you've been given as a Mom, a woman in leadership,and or a Pastor's wife,  etc..
I have been so very blessed!

Let me know what you think!
Loving You, 


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