Her Faith, My Frazzle

My daughter and I made our way around the corner to head towards the local sports store Decathlon. We were going out of the usual direction in order to take a bathroom break, but we had time. We had taken the day to get our grocery shopping done, Hopie and I, hand in hand. She was a little under the weather, and I figured it would be a good idea to just take her with me to separate her from the rest of the tribe.

When we saw the outdoor trampoline, I knew we could take some time to let a kid be a kid. So we got our things done, and headed back outside. She stepped up, smile as big as the sky and began to bounce timidly...then... to Olympian. It was fun to watch her learn to bounce on her knees, then back up to her feet ! Usually, with all of my kids, they have a very limited amount of time, since my priority is to keep watch of All of them at one time, but it was a delight to let her go wild for a moment! Other kids arrived, and began bouncing too. Joy in hungarian, sounds just like joy in english. Moms with smiles, kids with giggles.
Hope learned a lot of new tricks. One of which was to fall on her tummy and bounce back up. In one swift moment, she had smile to panic.

I can't quite explain, or to put to words how it happened, but as she fell to her tummy for a bounce, another kid rebounded the power, ricocheting it against her. It didn't look good. I could see it as it happened. It looked to me, as if the lower half of her back shot in like a dagger to the upper half of her back. I came up close to gauge the capacity in a split second. The terror in her eyes did not match the words she screamed, "My Back! I broke my back, I broke my back!" I ran to grab her yelling "No you didn't," with dread in my spirit. She kept on saying, "Yes I did," through tears of despair. I dragged her out of the jumping contraption, and held her on the ground. 

To be honest, my first instinct, Truly, is to get past the fact that I am the only one who is with her. Even as I have been a mother for over 9 years now, I am learning to stand in the pain, because Caleb cannot always be there. In the depths of my heart, My parents cannot always be there.}

I held her as she cried.

Another mom came up, rubbing her back, trying to reassure us both,"It's ok," in hungarian.

I can't tell you that I was strong.I can't tell you that I didn't cry myself. I can't even tell you that I knew what to do. 

But she did. 

With one look into my eyes, she clung to the One she knew well. She knew the Answer. 

"Mommy, Pray!" It was a moment I can't forget. I'll never forget the joy I felt in her confidence. There was power there. I felt it. She believed. And it was granted. She stood up...and walked.

The whole episode was over in 2 minutes.

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. 

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as 

a mustard seed, 

you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here 

to there,' and it will move.

Nothing will be impossible for you."
 Matthew 17:20

This kid, I am so proud of. I'm rejoicing in her Faith. May the Lord continue to lead them in strength and trust in Him. Praise the Lord, for the Faith of a child!

We have recently moved into a new house a little further off campus. We used to reside here, and are remembering the blessings every day! It's a lot brighter home, so being a morning person, the sun tends to awaken me a lot earlier these days.

But the other day, I found myself quite unidentifiable.

Maybe because I had woken up long before 6, and had accomplished so many things before 9. So, half tired & half ready to begin my day out the door, I looked down to see the outfit I had metamorphosed into. With my p'jammie pants on & my blustering bun half-way to a wild pony tail, I picked out a nice top and put it on. I had forgotten that I had had the notion to go running earlier on as well. I had my running socks on, only to pass by the mirror, and see this disturbed damsel in distress.

Sometimes, you gotta just laugh about it and Thank the Lord for new mornings, right Moms? My encouragement to you, through out our every days, is that we are all going through it, we're all a little weird, if we're being honest...
because we have so many things to do, and man, we're the only ones who can do it. We just gotta make sure we realize that, above the frazzle is a Father who laughs with, and loves us! He is our greatest source of encouragement, our ultimate source of fullness. He has the answers to our loopholes. It's important that we stay rooted and grounded in His Love. And all in all, I'm right here with you, frazzled and all...
"Cheese!" click
Grammy got them new roller blades...Fun in the sun! xoxox ...Cruzie got a new lawn mower...
 And with those many spinning plates, Homeschooling has been a different, and fruitful experience. We've just ended our school year, as many of you. To be honest, all of the work is a new thing to take on this year, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, you gotta be organized, yes you have to be PATIENT,(in which I fail every day) but what an amazing blessing to be here with them for all the monumental moments! What a Treasure! 

I now have a Toddler, Kinder, 2nd, 4th:

Here are the Missionary Kids on Campus. `All Homeschooled `
 Here's a round of applause to all the Moms
 and Children for being great Students this year! 

A quick Recap

Caleb recently got to go to Israel and just be poured into by the Lord, while still pouring into others. We thank the Lord for the privilege of being His servants. 

God is always good. He always blesses.

Also, a few weeks later, we went on our staff retreat in Austria. It was amazing to get away as a couple, to seek God together. 
What a great time!

A Beautiful Day in Millstatt Austria
Staff for both Calvary Chapel (Golgota) Budapest and CC Bible College Europe
Looking Forward to AVFL
We are looking forward to A VISION FOR LIFE. It's a 6 week program {June 29-August 10} designed for young people to get away from the distractions of the world, and draw closer to God. Caleb is directing this program, and we are excited for so many reasons! We love doing this!
There is such an urgency for Young People to Know the God of Creation. The one who can strengthen them in their inner being, so that they can know God's perspective for them, in a world that is saturated with pitfalls. We need warriors in these times! 

We ask that you pray for us so much. 
  • Pray for my Husband's leading and care of these precious treasures. We need your prayers. 
  • Let the Lord be glorified
  • We will be juggling family life, teachings, and traveling a ton with 32 young people!
  • Caleb will be sharing many messages a week, and I will be preparing and sharing a teaching every week too for the gals
  • Please Pray against Spiritual Warfare. Please!
  • Lisa Collins is another leader for this group, as well as interns here at the Bible College
  • Pray for our protection

The Lord is good! We are encouraged by your prayers.
Looking forward to our Foundations Conference this coming week as well. It is a time of refreshing of many saints. Missionaries from all over the world will come and be blessed.
Thank You for reading, Friends! 
We are blessed knowing that you read and keep updated!
In Jesus,


ElissaBellaJoy said…
Thanks for sharing Kim. Our God is so faithful to reveal Himself even in our children... or I should say very often in and via our children =)
I'm so glad you guys are back and with us once again. You have a beautiful family and you are an amazing lady. I love you ♥
Kimberly said…
Thanks, Bella! You are always an encouragement to me!!

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