Still Learning...Still partying

All the Graders!  Cruzie's says "1st day of trying not to distract my siblings"

Realizing this... keeps me comforted!
Every once in a while, I'll wake up from a nightmare of the ol' Restaurant days... The food will not be ready, and all of the customers are waiting outside. I will be in the back of the restaurant, not wanting to go out there, while many Tables have to be served, and after walking by the ones who've waited for so long a couple of times, I decide to wait in the back to avoid their stares. It always ends right there.
In some ways, this is close to how it feels like to Homeschool... Homeschooling is like waiting tables. It's juggling one's education, while bringing information and excitement to another, while still another, stares at you for your next order or direction. And all the while, one is there to make messes that you have to clean up! 
On the flip side, it is so rewarding to watch the eyes of a 5 year old brighten when they put the sound of B - A - T together, to formulate the word BAT! It is so truly rewarding, as others have told me all along, the veteran 'waitresses', if you will, that it is Amazing to watch your own child learn to read for the very first time.

This is just 4th & 2nd alone!

Here are the things I have learned on being a fairly new Homeschooling mom: ( I really think I will always feel new)
1. My way of teaching may not stick to the way others, or the books tell you to
3. Make it fun, Don't be a Stickler
4. Pray without ceasing
5. Best yet, start your day out with your own quiet time. No doubt.
6. Don't react impatiently, even if you are.
7. You will be tired.
8. They will learn.
9. Don't show them what you don't like about the subjects. Even though you may not be an Engineer, your child might end up being one.
10. Teach them Character through the Bible. That's the 'Funnest'!
11. Praise them
12 Teach them Life skills too. ie. Dishes, multi tasking, how to make pancakes, (let your kitchen get hard!) KEEP THINGS, papers, ORGANIZED. etc.
13. Most importantly, Walk the walk. Teach them Jesus, without words. 

My Baby, Cruz's Birthday is Today. 2 years ago, we went through a dangerous pregnancy and delivery. With a nearly 8 hour surgery, hysterectomy, and 18 units of blood transfused into my body, God put a beautiful baby into our arms. I remember the verse he told me the night before I went into surgery:

Psalm116: 8-13

  For you, LORD, have delivered me from death,
   my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before the LORD  in the land of the living. I trusted in the LORD when I said, “I am greatly afflicted”; in my alarm I said,  “Everyone is a liar.” What shall I return to the LORD for all his goodness to me?  I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD.

Praise the Lord for He is good!

Carrot Cake Cake Pops
He loves Cars and planes. He is often found to be making the noise they make!
Students from the Bible College came to Celebrate! He really is so loved!

His first taste!

Our Baby
Singing Happy Birthday!
Make a Wish!
Blow out the candle!
Enjoying Treats!

Took Pictures in the car with all of the guests!

Cruz got a new 'ride'
His very own!

Auntie Hannah

Miha and Ryan


More update on the Semester to begin!  We have some Exciting new things happening, Stay tuned! 
Love in Jesus, 


Isabella said…
I just wanted to say I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing so openly, honestly =)
And YES, I am encouraged. You are a beautiful mom, wife and sister!
I love you Kimmie!
Kimberly said…
Thank you so much for your encouragement! You are a blessing to us all!

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