A Summer Wink... or blink

Hi Dear Friends,
It has been a very rapid summer in Vajta Hungary! We are so richly blessed by God’s Goodness & Faithfulness to our family. It is one thing to say it, and another to know it. He is so good.

We also wanted to stop for a moment and say that we are so very grateful for your ongoing love. 

. .  .And Thank you.

We recognize that people who care to read and pray for us for God’s provision- is because of Christ’s compelling love. We are continually blessed. He lets us know here and there through his saints, that he is giving us a hug & a wink. 

After our big Foundations Conference came and went, Caleb simultaneously put the baton of the Bible College down for a moment, while taking on the Summer of Service with all of its conferences, and grabbed the baton of the incoming summer discipleship program.
 We headed right into our AVFL program the day after, while 35 young people landed on Hungarian soil from all over the world to experience a ‘new life’ in Christ. 
With the help of our staff, we got them situated here on the castle grounds, and made headway into team building and teachings. 

Caleb starting the week off
Inreach Each week consisted of a new topic ranging from Knowing God, Knowing the Truth, and so on with Knowing our calling, etc.
Caleb and our AVFL staff family challenged their hearts to confront, and unglue their false comforts.

From my point of view, it is always a great thing to watch them come in with an anticipation of change. 6 weeks is long enough to confront the lies and secrets embedded into their lives. But God had a design and a purpose all along for them to walk strong and FREE in Him! Praise the Lord that He will walk so gently and speak so calmly into their spirits... Into our spirits! “God's kindness is leading you to repentance.” Romans 2:4

Upreach Caleb and I counted it our joy to be able to see their eyes flicker with His Truth & Love. It was amazing to watch them let go of their past, or really heavy things that they were dealing with in the present. Abounding Fruit has come, and we still rejoice at God’s heart for these kids!
It was my blessing to share with the Ladies on topics like him being our Magnificent Obsession- by fixing our eyes on Jesus. Also, another cry of my heart was to encourage them that if they do fall, ‘Get up! Don’t let Satan keep you down.’
Outreach The team learned a Flash mob dance, as well as a drama and tiny skits to equip them for all of the outreach.

In the midst of this, we took trips all over Europe to put all we learned into action! We went on a weekend trip to the big city life of Budapest while we did some intense evangelism. It was a special night to watch the hurting stop and listen. 
We then went onto nearby cities called Eger/Heves to share VBS style through CC Eger, for a weekend. We walked deep into the poorest parts of the gypsy villages and spread the love of Christ with music and dramas. I think this was truly eye-opening for many. 
It was very special to watch my children see people who have joy with less! I loved that outreach. 

The next week we suited up to go to camp in the beautiful mountains of Slovenia! It poured down on the first night, but the majestic beauty did not disappoint! We went white water rafting in ‘Narnia’, and hiked to beautiful waterfalls for baptisms, and then onto Italy for some delicious pizza!  A lot of students truly got closer to the Lord in this time, because it is amazing to do nothing but Seek Him First! All devices put down, and all eyes looking up! We ended our time there  by traveling over to Calvary Chapel Celje. What a blessing to see the work God is doing there in Slovenia by the beginnings of opening a first ever Christian Coffee shop through the church.
We then went the next week to Vienna, Austria to put into action what God was sharing in our hearts! We had some seriously great times of evangelism in the city square, with dramas, and flash mobs, and Impromptu dancing! Caleb got to ‘break many boards’ in order to exemplify how Christ can break through our fears, and sins! 
This was a special outreach for many accepted Jesus Christ into their lives! We saw Salvation happen! Praise the Lord. 

A special moment for me was when I got to pray together with some of our students in the midst of street evangelism. And we simply just asked the Lord in faith, to ‘see Salvation tonight.’ Time went on, and I ended up in a few conversations that really were seeking. I was blessed to lead two young girls to Christ that night! I’ll never forget how God just whispered gently, “Just Ask”. Sometimes we just forget that it is not our power but His. 

His completely. 

We ended by being a part of Calvary Chapel Vienna’s service! His love and power that was changing our lives could not be contained!

We ended outreach time in Serbia, where Caleb likes to recap it as ‘Beautiful Chaos!’ The team broke off into 3 different churches. Caleb taught at CC Subotica, the birthplace of Calvary Chapel in Europe. God moved in the church but thereafter, they got caught in a rainstorm on the way home, drove through the dark in a borrowed car, on an empty gas tank, and somehow it all worked out! Praise the lord, for Blessed are the flexible!

LIFE (&M.K.’s- 'Missionary Kids')
One of the coolest experiences for me as a mom, was to watch my children do ministry. There would be times when they would be praying with the group, or handing out tracts, or even doing the Flash Mob dance to attract the crowd. They were always present during the dramas. And I saw it especially with the 2 oldest girls.  I could see their minds turning and Christ filling them with a joy and a desire to do it. 

Hopie was always lending a helping hand, and ready to talk with anyone about Jesus. She is a little go-getter. She does not fear. 

And Charis was more reserved, being on the brink of ‘tween’ or maybe more timid, but amazingly, during many hours of bus rides across Europe, they all heard the students’ ongoing testimonies of Christ moving in them. So Charis came to me one day and said that she would like to begin reading her Bible everyday. She asked, “where do I begin?” and I led her to the book of John. We have been becoming more of Friends these days. I cherish these times!

Justice was all about hanging out with the guys, especially one of the staff guys, Sam. Sam just treated him like he loved him, and we were super blessed for his care.

Cruzie was always to be found wearing one of the student’s hats, or on their shoulders. They really loved being with our children, and we were so grateful!
This year was actually more flowing because the kids are older, and partially more responsible. They just stuck to the buddy system!
Trekking in Slovenia, Pizza in Italy, Evangelism in Budapest

That brings me to Cruzie just about to turn 3 next week. Our Baby is growing up! Some of you may remember what God did at his birth. He is a product of God’s great gifts to us!  He is learning verses and new phrases all of the time! He can now recite John 14:6, and we are now working on John 14:1-6!

Hopie is very much a grateful little girl. She is also a great encourager. Her giftings are shining! She has no problem starting conversations with Hungarian children in the park. She is such a loving daughter! My treasure!

Charis is delightful, and a great big sister. She is also beginning to cook for us. She made quesadillas the other night, and today, I gave her a recipe card for Banana bread, and wow, was it good! She made the whole thing from start to finish!! It was amazing!
Justice is also a great big brother too. He is really good with younger children. He does just fine with all children. He really is a great kid and great friend! 
A Festival came to our Campus! "CrossSound"
God is giving us promises for their lives, and I hold them dear to my heart... 

As we set our homeschooling books down, and they prepare to go to Hungarian school in the next 2 weeks, we would ask that you join us in prayer for these 4 kids of ours. We believe that God is so giving favor in so many ways for them to go into school here. As much as this mom’s heart wants to keep them in my little cave, comforted, and safely loved, I believe that ‘The Safest place to be in the whole world, is walking in the Spirit’, and that is one of the reasons I am brought great comfort in God’s will for their lives.
I also have heard from Charis herself that she has an unexplainable peace in going there.
We have recently got all of their school supplies, and p.e. clothes, so we are preparing their minds, while God prepares their hearts! 

It is all Hungarian Speaking, but we are joyous at the challenge. We too, will be learning so much more Hungarian Language, because we want to be equipped and able and competent for them!
Praise the Lord for His Ways are higher than our Ways!

The Bible College Semester is also about to begin! Caleb’s days will be filled as he will be teaching the Gospel of John, The Life of David, a Preaching Lab, and Evangelism & Discipleship.

 My time will be little different, as I am tip-toeing into a new season where all of my kids will be at school this year. Cruzie will be going to ‘Ovoda’, which is Hungarian preschool in the village. He is Really excited! 
I will be taking part in teaching/discipling young women on campus, while taking Caleb’s ‘Life of  David’ class. I'm a blessed woman! I have an amazing teacher in my own house... 

I also am once again training for this year's Budapest Marathon (42k) on 10-12-14. I will keep you updated! I'm hoping for a P.R.! 

Hanging out with friends: Phil, and Rod Thompson
All in all, The Lord has given us favor and blessing as a family to be able to have some much needed family time in between the great blessing of Ministry. We get to watch family movies, make dinner together, and go to the park when we can! We can tell that we are right where He put us! 
Family time on our way to Budapest

"Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you.
I will praise you as long as I live,
and in your name I will lift up my hands."

Psalm 63

Please pray for us when you think of it!

Prayer Requests:
-BIBLE COLLEGE Semester for Caleb
-Kids fluency, School; their hearts
Class/Discipleship for Kim
-Prayers financially to return for Christmas!

Please have a brief listen to one of our AVFL'ers,  
share about her time here this summer:
Lindsay sharing about AVFL

Many blessings, Family in Christ,
Love in Jesus,

Ps. My brother got engaged and married on the exact same day! Praise the Lord for His Good gifts! She loves Jesus! Welcome to the Family, Katie!


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