Goodbye August

From the ends of the earth
I call to you, 
I call as my heart grows faint;
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.
For you have been my refuge, a strong tower...
Psalm 61:2-3

As far back as I can remember, a feeling of Nostalgia comes over me at the beginning of September. Maybe it's a slight feeling of anxiety or overwhelming-ness. 
{Is that even a word?...You get me, right?}

I guess it's all of the change that you have to go through. 
It was always the beginning of a new school year, new friends, new classes, new break-ups, and this feeling of uneasiness that you can't go back. Maybe it was the changing of seasons too.

Summer had a long echo. It made you feel so carefree as a child. Life was full of all of the freedom you could imagine. Hunting crickets and lizards by day, and going to BBQs with family by night. Falling asleep in your parents arms on the way out of an outing.
 You had to go where your parents told you. 
You went to camp, and wanted to. Your heart awaited 3 weeks just to wake up that one Sunday that you stepped onto the bus, and headed to the woods. Best Friends were made- or even solidified, and adventure was always around like a bonfire in you heart.
As you got older, you could take the bus all the way down to the beach and spread out your favorite faded beach towel with all the baby oil your mom told you not to put on, but not first without heading for your 2 tacos for 99 cents and curly fries on the boardwalk.

Life was so easy back then. Because all of the responsibility was someone else's. You just did things because you knew no other option.

September would near, and the summer nights would slip slowly away, shorts and forts were put away quietly, and school clothes and books would take residence. That was in 'those days'. 
And Today,my choices are made for them. And they do what I say.  But yet, here is a gnawing feeling of uneasiness trying to rise up in this Mama's heart. If I think more clearly through it, I can see where it is coming from. We are saying goodbye to August.We are saying goodbye to comfort. I won't gather them in like a mother hen the way I could. I've got to let them fly a little. 
 And with that Goodbye comes change.
A new change. 
A good change.  
But still. 
There is a battle going in my heart.
My children will let go of being home all hours, and head to a beautiful change.
Each one, All 4, will lay down their own comforts, 
and take on a new and foreign thing. They will all enter school here in Hungary, and learn a new language. 
2 actually. 
This school will teach them in complete Hungarian. No English.
But they also learn German there too.
We are ready. We've recently gotten all of their school supplies, paperwork signed, Backpacks and P.E. Clothes washed and folded. 


Cruzie turned 3 August 29th
I feel like we have come a long way. First, to let them out of our nest. The pale comforts are looked at straight on, and realized. He is our strength. He is our Comfort. He fills our heart with His unfailing Love.
But also to feel such a comfort in knowing that God is so present. The doors to our heart began to open as well as the doors of blessing. God's Favor is in this, and we feel it. 
I trust Him. We trust Him.
God is the Rock that is Higher than I. And when I feel overwhelmed, thinking of this new change, He fills me with His promises. 
They are His. 
HE can teach and PROTECT them better than I. 
He goes before them. And I can Rejoice!

Friends,Would you pray with me? Pray for my heart. 
You can understand that right? A mama's heart is always on call. (My Mom, (as well as my Mother in Law) still teaches me this!
 Pray for the childrens' hearts. Pray that they would not get overwhelmed.
That their hearts and ears would learn the language. 
That they would be LIGHTS & Witnesses.
That they would make Wise Choices.

And no harm would fall upon them.
They are His.
"...No harm will overtake you."
Psalm 91:10

Good bye, August.

Hello September.


Anonymous said…
Hi Kim,

Prayers sent. I prayed the babies would learn the language, and for good friends. My Faith -e and Jason are starting a new school in Brea, and Faith will need to make all new friends. She had a dream her new teacher was "Mrs. Cheese" and she had pink hair! LOL. I know Jason will be fine, as he just starting Kindergarten, but my heart's been worrying a bit more for Faith as the new kid in 4th grade. But she is amazing and I'm trusting the Lord she will adjust quickly. I prayed for calm over your ♥. #mom#stuff Thank you for the blog! ~~ Tina

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