Querks & Perks: June update

I can still feel the anticipation. 

I had butterflies in my belly as my mom brought me into her room. 

It was the Spring of 1982. 

I remember a feeling of waiting for a long time. . .  She had told me that she had a gift for me and I couldn't wait to get it.
 In all honesty, it had probably only been a few days, maybe even since Good Friday, because I recall that it was Easter morning. 

I was 6 years old.

As we walked into her room, I sat down on her bed, white tights, fluffy light blue dress, carefree,  most likely bedraggled braids, still waking up to the delightful sun-lit morning that it was. 

A smile in my heart.  

In the dawning of my mind's eye, I can still see her pull it down from high- the closet shelf--it was the most perfect treasure a little girl could take ahold of. 

It was a perfectly white fluffy lamb- with a pink bow trimmed with musical notes. I never could have loved something more. 
In 'all my 6 years'. ;) 
"Oh Mommy, I love her!" 
I squealed. And then hugged her so tightly.
Even more, she turned our lamb over and began to twist the nob near her belly. It began to sweetly convey the musical peacefulness of 'Jesus Loves Me'.

This Little one I named "Lambie" grew with me. Growing, Growing, through every sleep-over, every tear, every camp, every heartbreak. Then Every country. Every Child. When I said that I loved her, I meant it. She was my comfort, some sort of safe harbor, that reminded me of the comfort of my childhood. The day I received her is still pretty famed amidst my memories.

A part of me still sees life through child-like eyes, but then those same eyes look into the mirror and am reminded that I am not that kid, but the Mom of a few kids.
And I am humbled. That God would continue to give me such gifts. I love Him even more for them.
I love to pass along the things of my life and give it to them. The songs, the dances, the t.v. shows, the Loves.

Sometimes I do want to cry though, so many tears fall in my heart for the days passing. You moms understand.  It's kind of feels like the emotion I felt when I was 'ushered into the mom's club' the day I first held my first-born child. The feelings, the joy I finally felt, knowing that I had pushed through a Rite of Passage that all along--Moms before me had proclaimed.

I have often tiptoed the ponderings of trying to protect my heart from feeling too much, (weird, I know) but I can't help it. 
. . . An incessant hankering overflows as they grow, to allow my whole heart to abandon safety; to be sewn into them, unable to unstitch the Love for them that can never unstain, unglue or go backward. Just looking at them sitting there, Living Life. With their querks & questions & giggles.

. . . Molding them for the things that matter most, all along being surprised by their values and differences. They have so Much more talent and thoughts than I ever could or was. They each make me laugh and cry and feel a welled-up worry for the things that ever enter this world than in my time. As much as I feel inadequate, I grow myself in the understanding of Who I put my trust in when it comes to these frail fears.
I read this today:

"Those who trust in the Lord, are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever." Psalm 125:1

"Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

Those who go out weeping,  carrying seed to sow,

will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them. " 

Psalm 126:5-6

And most of all, giving the gift of the Love of Christ Jesus to them. It's been 33 years since I was first given that gift on Easter Morning. This little Lamb is a small example of the Love that has always been loyal and true to me. The Purity in his Love, that has always been there with me. Even when I have walked away, he stayed. His sweet kindness was always there, and it later led me to repentance.
This anchor, this safe harbor is still here.  There are times when I don't know how I'll do it, or that I've messed up, or I don't know if I'm doing it right, but he truly catches me when I am falling.  I trust Him through the pains and difficulties that He will always work out things for my best. And because he knows these children of mine so deeply, he will do the same with them.
It has been a precious reward to raise these 4 beautiful children in the light of God's Love.
I know it's not always the most electrifying information- to hear the inside and quiet moments of growth in our children, but if you know our Children, then you pretty much know our hearts. You guys get it. I know you do.

Charis is now 11. I don't know what happened. Something about being a little secured and innocently raised in the country life, has brought her such a tender but wise spirit. She is on the cusp of understanding adult things in life, yet still clutches her cute greyhound stuffed animal at night. She calls for her Daddy, and calls me 'a Daughter's Best Friend'. She's rarely found without an Anne of Green Gables book in hand, and that is mostly to be doing cartwheels or brushing her hair. She has wisdom like a mom. She fills in my loopholes and makes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and pancakes from scratch. She grasps the things of Jesus, often insights I hadn't thought of.
She is such a beauty. She scores greatly in School tests, and we are so blessed to see what God has done with her in one year of 'school language'. Wow.

Hope is 8. If you look for a focal point of girls, she will often be the one right outside of that, kneeling down, picking up flowers or lizards.  She is a 'free spirit' and has wonderful delivery in humor with the way she likes to dance, or say things. The corner of her mouth curves back when she drops a punchline, and she laughs BIG! She has picked up the language so fluently, and will translate for me most any time.  Wow. She has found a love for 'Crooners' music and will often be found singing a Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra song.

Justice is 7 and a happy guy! The kid is very much a BOY, and wow, I hear the most Hungarian language coming out of him. Neighborhood boys will come over to play now, and they are conversing back and forth. We have recently gotten into Soccer in the next village over, and he is a natural. I'm actually surprised at how smooth he is on the field. Not because I didn't think he could do it, but realizing that he has been staying busy on the playground at school! I'm pretty impressed with his soccer skills! He has a pretty pure heart, simple like. And I've noticed him beginning to ask more questions when we read the Bible at the breakfast table. He's a sweetie, and oh so silly.

Cruz is the General. He's 3, nearly 4.  He tells the others what to do...for him. "Put my shoes on, Charis!" He loves his big brother and follows him around everywhere. Always falling behind with matching basketball shorts and a Super hero in hand. He's a great memorizer of scripture and loves to hum while I'm reading their morning devotions! He loves to wear his Spider-man shirts, Teenage mutant ninja turtle Sunglasses and sing Hungarian Songs aloud. He's my 'Baby Bunny'.

Addition: We have recently received 2 Kittens named 'Jasper & Jewels' a boy and a girl. These two have totally given us a good laugh and entertainment. They are definitely the kids' babies.

The Lord has been opening some doors wide open with our kids. They are about to finish their first year in Public Hungarian School. It's been such a great blessing watching them learn, figure out, translate, and now communicate with the Hungarian people. They have had times of being like Christ for the most part. We will discuss the way the events of the days ensue, and then encourage what they did right, and what we can do better next time! The greatest blessing is knowing that they desire to see this as sharing the love of Christ. It's a different perspective to have such a direction! 
They are also learning and excelling in the German language as well. They have to learn it 5 days a week. 
Justice's 1st grade class-here he is on the right

Please pray for their Understanding and fluency, but also for them to walk in His Spirit as He leads them.

Caleb and I are keeping busy through out the semester. We are gaining new avenues of Language and European Life and Culture each day, thankful that that the Lord uses the 'Foolish Things'! Praise Him!

Caleb is a busy man!
He is steadily tending to the College- He just finished teaching the class: Biblical Theology as well as the Book of Revelation. These, while all the while juggling the privilege of preaching Thursday nights for our Koinonia Service. Along with going out to teach at other churches, he was blessed this semester to go on a trip to Abuja, Nigeria with Pastor Phil Metzger of CC Budapest. It was a powerful time as the country was having its presidential elections amid tensions with a radical Islamist group 'Boko Haram'. The Churches gathered to celebrate "what God has done" in the last 10 years. 5 other churches have been planted out of Calvary Chapel Abuja. The churches and pastors were encouraged as they gathered for worship, teaching, and prayer for the future!

I love how he seeks God for bigger vision and strategies to impact the world. He is always driving in for new possibilities to help serve and direct this Bible College in a greater capacity for the future. 

Please continue to pray for Caleb- for Strength and Wisdom, as well as the Holy Spirit's Power to sustain him. 

I have experienced this to be a different kind of semester. The same as far as College life, but having my children in school, changes things around a bit. The value and quality of my time is more focused.  It has given me more time to take on different tasks in the a.m., but be full-on with my kids on the 2nd half of the day. They need translation and focus with their studies, as well as getting involved in different kinds of Extra-carricular activities. German Folk -dancing has been continual, as well as events to perform for their schools! They have been involved in swimming and sports events and now Soccer is taking a front row in their after-school activities. It has been Busy but so much fun!!

So For me, this is my life. Discipleship is ongoing; I have also been working towards my Bachelor's in Theology here.  I have been taking a Biblical Counseling class this semester and I am super blessed to be learning in this area. It re-ignites & re-enforces the power of the Word of God in mine, and all people's lives. The Word of God is a mighty tool in the hands of the ones who Believe Him in their hearts. What a Rad Blessing! 

I also have continued to train for marathons I find myself signing up for. (always wondering why I did this, and then soon after, here I go again)  I was able to go to Israel this last March and run the Jerusalem Marathon. I'll never stop loving that experience! He is so good.
I am about to run the Torchlight Balaton Marathon this Saturday 13th, beginning at 8 pm! (Lord, Help me -I am a morning person)

On the steps of St Paul's Cathedral built in 1675
And Briefly, I was able to accompany  a Friend and Missionary, Pam Markey to London, England. She is a great encouragement in my life and an unassuming Legend of the Mission Field. She shared with the Ladies of a Calvary Chapel called Ecclesia in South London on Psalm 119. 
Abbey Road 
We got some time together along with her daughter, Kristen- to sight-see, drink loads of Coffee and Laugh huge.  Of course, as well, got into the Red Phone boxes and hopped on the Red busses, but one of my favorite highlights was being able to walk on Abbey Road, home of the Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded. What a fun Check to put on my Bucket List! Cheers.

Please, if you think of it- pray that I walk in His Spirit. I want so much to be more like Him. And with that, everything will flow out! Thank you!

We are steadily preparing for our Summer Highlight of A VISION FOR LIFE- a  6 week discipleship training program with young adults coming from all over the world to give God 40 days to change their lives! We will be traveling with a team of 50+ kids, learning and sharing the Love of Jesus. We will keep you updated on these happenings. 
Please Pray for this Up-reach, In-reach, Outreach in the Students' hearts!

*Also another Prayer Request: Our Kids have an opportunity to go to camp for a week, and prayerfully, we have come to a Yes for them to go.  Please pray for their Safety. It is hard to let them out of our hands, But God will go with them, and there is security there! It will be the last week of July. Believing God to great things with them!

Two 3 yr. olds pondering life: Cruzie & Noam
Thank you so much for your prayers for our family. We have felt them in times of need & plenty!
We are about to welcome the Conference season here in Vajta, Hungary, beginning with Hosting our biggest conference: "Foundations". We are excited for what God has to say!
Graduation 2015 at CCBCE
Please pray against Spiritual Warfare as we are coming up to AVFL beginning June 20th. You guys know what the enemy loves to do before, during and after God does a Beautiful Work! We are blessed to know that all of our lives are going to change!!

“Do not wait for the battle to pray, but pray in 

preparation for the battle”

Rod Thompson

Although there is so much more, this is our latest!
Please drop us a line if you think of it! We would Love to hear from you! May God Richly Bless you...
Till He Returns,

In Jesus, 
The Beller Family


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