A story not worth forgetting...

And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness
 And of your praise all the day long 
Psalm 35:28

I keep going throughout my day doing the ordinary things. I cook a meal, clean a counter, change a bandaid, and hashtag a moment. All this happens after I throw out the old coffee grounds and exchange to make a newly poured hot cup of brew. I'll sit down, read my Bible, and get up to do 'the things' of the day. But I keep forgetting....

And this morning, as I sat here, I remembered my God.

I remembered that He's mine and I am His. I love to know that He's there to talk with, and share with and dwell with. Sometimes I forget how much joy it is to carry nothing and let him do it all. I remembered that there is joy in worshipping at His feet. It really is weightless there.

I love what He has to say to me...

I forget that he's doing extraordinary things all over the world and to praise Him for it. I don't have to 'worry' about praising him for every last thing going on in this world, but just today, thanking Him for his goodness for the things I can see, and bless him in my heart for the things I cannot see.


This is just a side note, but a huge one, that His grace is everything to us. The fact that we cannot do it all, or get it right every time, but that HE merely does it right. When I recognize {daily} that I cannot do it All, & I can't do it all right, but I know that HE can. When I am not prepared for it all, He is Faithful. 

And that is freeing. It's like cool air coming through a window after a week of hot days. {This moment}

Wow, water for the soul.

I have a perfect story to share about how He continues to do extraordinary things, whether we are there or we are not. Whether we 'feel good' or we do not. Whether we ask him for it, or if we don't. He still fulfills his purpose in my life -for the salvation of others.


The Labrynth we got to explore
Caleb and I & our family had just finished {AVFL}an intense 6 weeks of discipleship and traveling throughout Europe. It really was an amazing time and our little family was in need of 'together'ness. We decided to head to Budapest and unearth the city. We watched 3D movies and touched model cities, climbed in parks and braved the ferris wheel.We explored caves and international cuisine and books and cobblestone streets.  What an excellent and encouraging time being together.

This is the building we stayed at for the week
All along, God had another perfect story written for my life and I had no idea it was going to happen.

Our good friends, Catie & Gus, had swept into town on a European vacation, and we began to explore the usual sights. We came to the beautiful parliament on a very hot and ordinary summer day.

As usual, we mozied along, chatting as wives do, and saw Caleb answering a few questions up ahead to some passing-by tourists.
I jumped in- answering a few questions too, and felt this heart to help them with getting around Budapest. We had just been traveling around here for a week, so there were some tidbits that could help.

My daughters and I began to talk with these girls. They were 3 tall women, cute and lovingly friendly, almost causing me to be skeptical of their intentions.

Have you ever been there, Christian? -Where you're assessing the situation with love but wisdom still lingers? That was me. 

They were dandling my girls' hair and cooing their appearance, wanting to take pictures with them. I soon figured that that was just their culture.

They were just loving ladies.

They had met in College in Spain, in which 2 of them were Spanish-born and the other was from Denmark.  They began to ask questions about what we do here, and I answered. But the door swung wide open when they asked why we do it.

Oh, I love WHY.
'Why' is such a rebellious question to say aloud. It's something that has gotten me into trouble so much in my youth or halted all kinds of authority with a pause before answering. I identify with Why. I've learned to tame it on the way up to age 39, though. Ask it, but communicate well in asking.
There's definitely always discussion on the What and the How.Those kind of questions get answered all day long. But 'why' has made people stutter.

So when they asked why, I shared it,  and then they dug further and asked Why would you leave your family and everything to tell people about Jesus?

With my arms wrapped around each one of my daughters' small-framed shoulders, I unpackaged the story that my God wrote for me. The story HE turned into a testimony of praise.

I had come to a Heart-break that shattered my world. I had hit rock-bottom with deception of drug-use and immorality. I shared of how I ran from God my whole life while he stood close waiting as a gentleman. And the moment I cried out for him, 'Save me!', he came into my heart and brought peace into the deepest parts of my grieving heart. 'He began a new start with a new heart.'

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD  is your strength.” 
Nehemiah 8:10

There was so many questions and scripture bubbling over in that moment. Only God could bring to remembrance those verses from his heart to share with them.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, 
as some understand slowness.
 Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, 
but everyone to come to repentance.

2 Peter 3:9

God's presence was just so there! There is Power in His name.

I shared about how I can never be truly satisfied in life through all of the things that I seek after, because we are created for a relationship with Him. And we need to know that we are sinners in need of a Savior. That is where we can be satisfied. 
We need to ask him to come into our heart and live there. We will live in eternity with him.

Not knowing when my daughters had walked away with their Dad, I encouraged these ladies that when they go back to their rooms, and in the quiet moments to 'repent of your sins, and ask Him to come into your life so that you can know that you will live in eternity with him'. {I wanted to make sure that it was what they truly chose for themselves}

I looked up and thought I saw tears begin flowing in one of the girl's eyes. I touched her shoulder. 

"Can I pray for you?" I asked. 

And they all agreed. 

When I finished, I looked up again and behind each one of their sun-glassed faces, I saw tears pouring down. 

My heart raced. 

"Do you want to ask Jesus to come into your lives right now?" They all bowed their heads and said, "Yes."

When I think back to this moment, I still can't believe that God used me. 
It was such an ordinary day. I think Caleb and I weren't even seeing eye to eye that day! Haha. 

I wasn't looking to gain sisters that day.

But God did. And it humbles me, and brings tears to my eyes about how Good God is. 
He makes regular things become extraordinary. 

We bowed as I led them in the sinner's prayer. We welcomed 3 new sisters into God's Kingdom, Family! Make Room!

I look to His Word and think about the Apollos and Paul thing, knowing that God had watered their hearts all along. But there's more to it that I am encouraged by. He WILL GO WITH THEM. He will CONTINUE to water their hearts. 

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. 
What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. 
1 Corinthians 3:7

What a dear story to my heart! It is my joy to serve Him! As I close, I challenge you to ask God to do the extraordinary in your life. Just be encouraged that He will do His perfect work in us and through us, regardless of us.

And we should not soon forget him...for He does the impossible.
To God be the Glory!

We are used more when we are made less 

"My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

2 Cor. 12:9

Much Love in Jesus,

Citadella Park
Making Lunch Daily got creative


Isabella said…
Oh my, my tears are flowing. Kimmie, you are so beautiful. I wish I somehow managed to make time to let you know that more often. I love you so much!!!
Thanks for being an instrument of grace and for inviting these girls into our family. I hope and pray they are walking with Jesus now.
I love you and your family so much ♥ ♥ ♥
Kimberly said…
You are so sweet, Isabella! Thank you so much! I love you! Yes, Jesus will not let them go! Keep praying! xoxoxo
Amber said…
I was so encouraged by this post...I read it the other day when I was feeling "less-than." SO good to have a reminder that God's grace is so much MORE THAN our petty weaknesses/trials, and that He has created us in His awesome image. Love reading your posts, Kimber, and keeping up with your steps after all these years ;)

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