Standing on God's Promises: First day of school

It was supposed to be taken care of. The first day of school. All the prayers, all the Bible reading, all of the encouragement was extended by the time they sat in front of a bowl of cereal this morning. This was the first day of a new school. 
I remember the moments I had those kind of first days.. 6th grade, and 11th. I was excited for new things. But I was also aimless at times. I just didn't want to sit alone, so I kept walking around.
Most recently, I had asked Caleb to be the one who goes with Cruzie to his class on this first day, because I knew that I was going to lose it. As far as I was aware, I was excited for him to go and learn. He woke up super happy. He had shared that he was scared, but we talked through the scripture, "Be strong and courageous." I told him that the Lord will go with him wherever he goes. That's a promise.
As I made his bed, and he dressed in his freshly ironed white button-up, he said, "Is that why there was a rainbow yesterday?" Unaware that he saw one, I said, "well Yes! That was a promise that God keeps. He wants you to know that he keeps the promises he gives."
As we went to brush his teeth, he saw in the corner of his eye through the reflection of the mirror, a sunlit prism that formed the colors of the rainbow.
I was touched by God's care to show his love for this little first grader.
We, as a family of 6 walked our 7th, 5th, 4th & 1st graders to the wide open gates of a new school. Many kids with parents were walking the streets in their black and whites. The language was foreign, yet I understood many conversations. The ones I most understood were the tears of young ones, and the parents who swooped back a tear or two.
It was a chaotic courtyard, for we understood the fact that most times, kids go and drop off their bookbags and return to line up in the yard, but we hadn't a clue where these 4 new students' class rooms were!We walked around as the courtyard filled with the kids and their parents. Each grade has 3 choices, so we only sized up the ages. Somehow the kids found a spot with their age, and the music began.
As the students began their singing near the front, I found my way around behind them where Cruzie sat facing them. He lit up when he saw my face, and I felt like I was a spy in the 40's, peering through the crowd.
Their angelic voices danced through the courtyard. The announcements were being made, and I bopped around to each child with a wink and hug ending with Charis. Suddenly the commencement ended. Everybody began moving, and walking towards their class. As hugs and tears were everywhere, Moms and Dads greeted each other and teachers led their way out.
At that moment, I knew Caleb was with Hope and Justice, and Charis had walked on, but I thought of Cruz. A little leery of going over there, I saw him. He was holding a teacher's hand, and totally crying. Many parents had gathered around their children. Caleb was supposed to be there to see him off.....
I was scared because I didn't want to lose it, but my love for him drew me to him. I gave him a hug as his chest slowed down the swelling heaves. Remembering His promises, I gave him a bunch of rainbows and love. "God said he would never leave you." As I passed him onto his teacher, I began to cry; I couldn't hold it in. All of the children caught eyes with me, and suddenly felt comforted. Moms caught eyes, and gave me eyes of compassion as tears started rolling down their cheeks. It all was really unexpected.
Cruzie found me through the crowd and was keeping connected that way, but it made him feel like he didn't need to cry anymore. Not only was this the first day of school, but really his first day away from me for so long. It was a new day, a new song. He is going to learn a new language fluently, Lord willing and follow in the footsteps of his siblings. We are so excited, but of course it doesn't take away the heart of a mom.
All of them were learning to deal with the new changes, and man, were they champs! By the time we left the school drop-off, Hopie befriended a Japanese girl who barely knew Hungarian, and Charis met a new girl in her grade too. Justice had a great teacher who was so friendly to us.
God said he would never leave us, or forsake us. That is a promise.
Please pray for these children taking on the challenge of a completely new thing. God has him in His hands, and we are believing His Best!
God is taking care of it all!
Sing to the LORD a new song;
Sing to the LORD, all the earth!
Psalm 96:1


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