Window Seat: a view into the Father's heart

This last weekend, I was asking the Lord and believing Him to speak to me in a particular setting. As I sat there on a plane to Brussels (onto England), tucked into a window seat, and ready to keep myself occupied, I heard a child's cough. It was a deeper one, tail-ended with a bark.  
Being a mom, there's no way around hearing that, and wondering. Hungarians are pretty conservative with swaddling their children in scarves and hats, not wanting them to be outside, actually signing them off for 5 days from school the moment it occurs! But this particular day, it was a man with his daughter. Just a little curiosity, instigated the questions of, "Where was this man going? Towards mom or away?" It just didn't seem usual for a 4 year old to be separate from mom. But no big.
As these thoughts swirled in my mind, I saw the Father rise and reach up into the overhead compartment and bring down the children's Nurofen, complete with a spoon, the equivalent of Children's tylenol. 

It's funny how curious we can be of other people's stories, but all I could see was the Father unscrewing the cap and pouring the solution into the spoon. I wanted so much to see her tiny face as she received it, but I only had a peak-hole view from my seat behind. 
It was enough. 

I could only see him, and not the child. 
He lovingly put it to her mouth, and I knew she had received it. 
His face made him thoughtful and practical, but once he gave it to her and she took it, He smiled with tender love. His face showed all the years of His love, and the tears began to spill down my face. 
I felt trapped in this window seat. I wanted to run or move around because I felt I could burst! It was too much, Lord!  It was God's great example to me that this is what he needs to do for me. He can't let me go through all that I am asking for without a little tender care, and doses at a time, or I would not be able to handle it all. His love is so deep for me. He is where I find rest for my soul.
As I drew a tissue from my purse He spoke this verse to my heart. 

Psalm 138:8
"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. Your lovingkindness, O lord endures forever, Don't forsake the work of your own hands."

Friends, I hope you can grasp but a spoonful today of how much he loves you, how much he adores you. He wants to hear from you daily, and he wants to share with you daily. Last week is not today. But there is grace everyday to start anew. Believe Him when he says that nothing can separate you from his love. We can go on and on about the tricks of the enemy, and the trip-ups of our own desperate lives, but today, I wanted to share with you a picture of his Love towards you. Just let him love you today...

The reason I was only given the view of the Father's loving face, is because it is all that I need. 

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; 
and so we are. 1 John 3:1



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