Let Him catch you

“The Bible is the only book where the Author is in love with the Reader.”

I put this book down in my late teens, early adult years, clearly by the shadowed distractions of this world and its offers. But the moment, Jesus showed me that he was there to catch me when I fell, was All that I needed. I picked this book back up, and found a rare treasure.

Isn’t it true that when you look into your heart of hearts, concerning a Friend, you just want to be able to trust them with your heart? You want to feel that they accept you, even treasure you?
Think of any friendship you truly care for; have they not been there when you’ve needed them, fully accepting your faults, ready to catch you in your hurts? 

That is what I consider a friend. 

Someone who catches me.

That friend is a treasure. 

That is what Jesus did for me when I cracked this book open those first days. He began to speak with love. There was no shame, but acceptance. He loves us while we are still sinners, shaking our fist at him. (Romans 5:8)

I remember a time, one night in our first years of marriage, when I was so angry with my husband that I truly thought I couldn't go on like this. I was so hurt that he didn't understand me, that I wanted to bolt out of the door. I wanted to run and leave it all. He came near me and began to take me in his arms. I was sobbing uncontrollably, and wanted to get away from him at that moment. I was so angry and hurt, that I fought to remove myself. It felt like for a moment, such despair, but He wrapped his arms around me as I punched and fought. 

I tried so hard but couldn't get away; then I gave up.

 I cried and cried as he held me. 

He knew my heart was crying, and he held on. 

 At the time, it was all I wanted to run from, but truly, it was the best thing he could have done. He caught me in my pain. What an example. I have never forgotten that moment. He was showing true love. 

Now Caleb is not God, but at that moment he showed me a picture of Christ's Love for me.
No matter how much I fight him, he is going to catch me when I fall. God is going to be my assurance of Love and rescue. He loves me unconditionally. I love to think that God is more than a true friend, for a friend can offer, at most, a lifetime, but God, my rescuer and my redeemer, can offer Forever. Those are the arms that I want to hold on to me.

Friend, Have you given God a chance to be there for you? Have you allowed Him to catch you lately? If you don't believe, why not try Him? You've got nothing left to lose. Let the author Love you.

"To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy--" Jude 1:24

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